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Let The Countdown Begin 

V^K. *. 

Studeilt Lif e 


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in 2012 with funding from 

Federally funded with LSTA funds through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners 

Hingham High School 

41 Pleasant Street 
Hingham, Massachusetts 
02043 ^_ 

Publisher's Note 

This book is not a 
work of fiction. 
Names, characters, 
places, and 
incidents are 
neither the products 
of the authors' 
imaginations or 
used fictitiously, 
and any 
resemblance to 
actual persons, 
living or dead, 
events, or locales is 
entirely intentional. 
That is unless what 
is stated is 
obviously so 
ridiculous that it 
must be fiction, 
wherein it is fiction. 
Thus, use your own 
judgement, and if 
something is 
offensive, then it is 
most definitely 

Dear Class of 1999 

"I would like to introduce you to this book. It has 
no plot. It is about moments, memories, fragments, 
falsehoods, and fantasies. It is about things that have 
happened, which caused other things to happen, so 
that eventually our stories emerged." 

— Lois Lowry 

This yearbook has been a collaborative effort of several 
dedicated seniors under the guidance of the faculty advisors, 
Mr. Boddie and Mrs. Silva. Our yearbook is meant to capture 
the experiences we had, the successes, and everyday mo- 
ments which have made us who we are today. It has been 
four years which are finally coming to an end so we felt that 
the "Let the Countdown Begin . . ." was appropriate. Not on- 
ly are our high school years coming to an end but so is this 
century which we are a part of. In the weeks, days, hours, 
and minutes before graduation, we are counting down to the 
end of our high school days, and to the beginning of some- 
thing better — the future. 

Good Luck, 
The Yearbook Staff 


Around Town 

Student Life 

Jenny C. and Rich B. — The Longest Lasting Couple at HHS 

Kathryn S. and Emily G. smile for the camera. 

Liz C, Erin D., and Kelly C. Could they be the fear that stalks the hallways at 
Hingham High? 

Hingham may not be a big 
town, but the students usually 
find ways to keep themselves 
busy. They 
participate in a 
wide variety of 
after school 
activites. After 
school jobs are a 
great way for 
Hingham stu- 
dents to make 
money and 
utilize their time. 
Some of 
popular student-staffed 
establishments are Atlantic 
Bagel and Coffee Co., Old 
Navy, TCBY, CVS, Ben and 
Jerry's, and the local public 
library. Students like to get 
together outside of school and 
hang out with their friends. 
They might go visit their 
friends at their after school 
jobs or meet up at the Crow 
Point Pizzeria or the Tiger 

As for school sponsored 
activities, there is almost 
always something to which 
you can devote your time. The 

student body always shows 
great support for the Hingham 
High School sports teams 
during pep- 
rallies and 
cheering at the 
games. There are 
usually two 
dances for the 
whole student 
body. Homecom- 
ing and Snow- 
ball. Then there 
are two proms, 
junior and 
senior, for the 
older, cooler, 
shidents. The Class of 1999 
has had a successful and 
enjoyable senior year. The 
noisy construction that started 
this year has made everything 
a little more chaotic and 
annoymg for students. The 
Drama Club especially has 
been affected by the renova- 
hon. The annual musical was 
put on in Notre Dame Acad- 
emy because the old HHS 
auditorium no longer existed. 
The students also had to deal 
with the annoying far-lot 
parking system. However the 
1999 Class is upbeat and 
had a great time. 

A Day in the Life . . . 

ulOU AM Rise and Shine! Time to get ready for another day at Hingham High School. 

7; 15AM Time to journey to HHS, whether you walk, park in far . . . or make your own parking spot. 


7:19 AM School is about to start! Time to "rush" so you're not late for A Period. 

7:20-10:52 AM Time to start working hard, or at least look like we are (we are seniors, after all). 


Lunchtime For most students at HHS, the brief 28 minutes of lunch are the best moments in the entire day. 

l^ilD-ll52 1 M We must go back to learning, yet with somewhat less enthusiasm than when we started. 


1 '33 PM The last bell has rung, we joyously clear the hallways of Hingham High School. 

1:55 1 JVl Time to head home, satisfied that we have completed another day of HHS successfully. 


Pep Rallies 


We are the Harbormen, the best school in all the land. 
And so, we sail off to each and every town . . . 
We are the Harbormen, the best team around! 

Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah! 

Hingham High — Hey! Sometimes we lose, but we'll never die. 

Send that team onto the field. 

The spirit behind us will never yield! 

Victory for us, on-ward fight 

Hey! Onward fight with all our might! 

Hey! Up and Down and up again, the sprits of Hingham High. 



Bais tells Mrs. Sliva to "pucker up". 

Jess Nermoe and Brian White cheer for Hingham as MCs for the 
Pep Rally. 

1- jiS'iff i M ii n w^^^mipiu 


Oh, the places the HHS Seniors will go! We're off to great places, We're off and away! 


Senior Captain Tanya Cioffari tops the pyramid while the 
cheerleaders perform. 


Powder Puff 

The Senior Girls defeated the Juniors (and didn't even need to cheat) 
during the Powder Puff game. Although the game was not allowed to 
take place at the Hingham High field, spirits were still high and the 
game continued at the Rec Center field. With the coaching of senior 
boys, especially Andy Scerbo and Chris Primo, the senior girls team 
beat the Juniors with a shut-out score of 56-0. Once again, the seniors 
came out on top. Way to go girls! 




Kathryn, Ashley, and Emily show their 
Halloween spirit. 


Kristen B., 
Hilary B., KeUy 
C, LizC, 
Caitlin M., and 
Susan P. were off 
to see the 
u-izard on 
Halloween Day. 



iiomecoming day was full of fun, 
especially for the seniors. The Var- 
sity Field Hockey team had an ex- 
cellent win, helping to claim their 
league title. Although the Varsity 
football team was narrowly de- 
feated by Weston, spirits were still 
high for the fans. A major event of 
the games was Andy Scerbo's 
touchdown, which helped keep 
spirts alive. 

The winners of the Homecom- 
ing float contest were, of course, 
the seniors, with a float of a huge 
wave proclaiming, "Wipe out 

A highlight of the game was the 
crowning of the Homecoming 
King, Chris Shaughnessey and the 
Homecoming Queen, Nicole Cav- 
allo. Other members of the Home- 
coming Court included Hilary 
Blowers, Kristen Buckley, Britton 
Lacy, Christina Seremetis, Al En- 
gelhart, Bobby Masland, and An- 
dy Scerbo. 

The Homecoming games were 
only part of the fun-filled day for 
the Seniors. They were then able 
to get ready for the best part of the 
Homecoming day . . . the dance. 

King Chris Shaughnessy and Queen Nicole 


he varsity football team m acti 



The 1998 Homecoming was the last one for 

the seniors and they partied hke it was 1999! 

The Homecoming dance was an 

opportunity for the stressed out 

seniors to let loose and go a little 


The dress for the dance portrayed 

an "I'm a senior and I don't care 

what anyone thinks " attitude. 

Never before were there so many 

short, tight, dresses and sequins 

worn at a Homecoming dance. 

But never before did the Class of 

1999 have so much fun at a 

Homecoming dance! 

With the increasing population at 

Hingham High School, the 

Homecoming dance, like last 

year, had to be held in both the cafeteria and 

the gym. This made room for twice the fun! 

Whenever the music got boring or the room 

got too crowded students could simply move 

to the other room. The two rooms gave the 
dance a fast pace and gave seniors a chance to 
get away from the less cool underclassmen. 
One of the best moments of Home- 
coming was the traditional King 
and Queen dance which was 
danced by King Chris 
Shaughnessey and Queen Nicole 
Cavallo. Seniors smiled as they 
watched two of their finest seniors 
represent Hingham High School. 
It was apparent that the cliques of 
the Junior High days had vanished 
as different "groups " became one. 
The seniors were not united by 
friends, but as a class. This may be 
only part of the last Homecoming 
that the seniors will remember. 
The Homecoming Dance, for the seniors, was 
the first of the "lasts". This important part of 
High School life is over for the seniors, but the 
memories of past Homecomings, as well as 
Homecoming '98 will not be forgotten. 

Mike loanilli and Brendan Holleran let loose at Homecoming. 

Francesca D. and Erin O. are all dolled up for the Homecoming 



^^^K' ■ 

^^^^r * ^^^^^^^^^^K 

^^^^P^^Kg^Pt c^ 

\> 1 


Imi ^^Vf 

.,^a| ^H 

V Al 





^S—^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

Seniors Pat Kiernan, Kevin Coughlin, and 
Andy Scerbo conga around the gym. 

Susan P. and Caitlin McD. take time away 
from dancing to pose for the camera. 


Junior Prom 

At last! Juniors at Junior Prom on 
their way to being seniors! Prepar- 
ing for the dance at 
the Hingham High 
School cafeteria was a 
huge feat and the 
juniors, now seniors, 
were very successful. 
The walls were star- 
studded and balloons 
floated over the 
crowd. The hallway 
entrance to the dance 
was covered in stars, 
each with a class 
member's name on it. 
Not only did this add 
to the decorations, 
but it gave each 
member of the Class 
of 1999 a sense of 
unity and belonging. 
The juniors, now 
semors, at the dance 
looked equally 

spectacular! Most of the girls wore 
long, flowing dresses and the boys 

wore tuxes or suits. The Class of 

1999 never looked better! The 
highlight of the 
dance was the 
junior video, made 
by Hilary Blowers, 
Scot Chisholm, and 
Lindsay Williams. 
Mr. Garland named 
the Qass of 1999 
the best class ever 
to enter the halls of 
Hingham High 
School since his 
own class. Every- 
thing about the 
evening, the video, 
the smoke ma- 
chine, and the 
friends made the 
evening perfect. As 
the seniors look 
back on Junior 
Prom, they can see 
that Junior year 

was the beginning of unity and fun 

for the Class of 1999. 

Lindsey, Caroline, Britt, Carla, Kristen, Kelly, Keeks, and Erin ready for the party of the year. 


A group gathers 
at the meadows 
for a quick 
photo session 
before the Junior 
Prom fun 

Everyone looks 
great, (left) 


After School Jobs 

Many students at Hingham High School 
earn extra money with after school jobs 
around town. Whether in 
the off-season of a sport, or 
after club activities, most 
seniors work sometime 
during their last year at 
HHS. The most popular 
place to work is, of course, 
the Atlantic Bagel and Cof- 
fee Co. (aka Hingham's 
own Peach Pit). Other com- 
mon places to find HHS 
seniors working are the Hingham Public 
Library, CVS, Brooks and TCBY. Many 
seniors also work as tutors this year, 
making money off of the knowledge they 
obtained at Hingham High School. Sum- 

Kristen C. at Brooks. 

mer jobs are also important for many, 
and HHS seniors can be found working 
at the Country Club and 
the Summer Rec Camp 
during summer vacation. 
And what do these seniors 
spend their money on? 
Most are saving up for col- 
lege next year, whether it is 
for their tuition or for 
spending money. And oth- 
ers save their money for 
whatever the weekend's 
plans may be, or to make payments on 
their cars. In any case, the Hingham High 
School seniors can be seen working hard, 
all around the town and beyond. 

Jess W. makes us a cup of coffee. 

Mike is busy at the Bagel Shop. 


Meghan works at West Coast Video. 

Eric works at South Shore Volvo. 




Worst Times... 

Getting a time out in anatomy, 
senior year." -Libby TIT, 

Yearbook" -Katie P. 
School." -Pat K. 

'Passing out at the blood drive and hitting my head on a chair." -Rosamund H. 

WKen tlie luncK laJy yelled at me {or touctling tkc pretzels" -Marielle M. 

'Not being allowed to go to the bathroom" -Kristin S. 

6 Period study, Senior year' -Franeesu D., Susan P. 
'Construction" -Kate H. 


"Gym" -Kristen J. 

"Bathroom lady asking you for a pass" -Erin D. 

"Slanted lunch seats" -Scot C, John T. 

"Fubu all-stars" -Mike I. 


'The school dust phenomenon" -Theresa C. 

"Falling up the stairs" -Ashley E. 


Best Times... 

'Weekends" - Kyle M. 

"Playing red rover with Mrs. Heimarck and Mrs. Silva" 
-Cristina B., Rosamund H. 

"CroK-Country Pasra Fesfs"- Mark B. 
"A Pen'od Mazzella" -Ffancesca D. 

"Senior Year" -Kristen B. 
"Dorchestra"-Britton L. 
"Lunch!" -Emily G. 

"^rs. frail's & period class" -Connachi 0. 

"■okin9 up olhre ol Keaa*'/ " -Mike O. 

"Winning a close lot space" -Court 
A., Jen C, Kathiyn C, Marielle M. 

"Vacations and Wompatuck" -Katie C. 

"Senior year homecoining'*- 
Sarah H. 

"Ms. Leone" -Cara G. 

"They yncLyyvyncil, ah4,nte/ OAxd/ cuAVie/' - 
Mr. O'yAP CcdoCla^ 

"XC League Champs! "-Nicky M., Al M. 



Erin D. helps Mr. Baisden out with a tough math problem. 

Liz C. has trouble holding her pencil after working hard on Har- 


Tim W. serenades the 
cafeteria on Valentine's 
Day. (right) 

Kyle M. concentrates 
during orchestra, 

Outside of the academic 
and athletic aspects of 
Hingham High School, 
many students partici- 
pate in clubs at HHS. 
These clubs range from 
the Drama 
Club, which 
has been in ex- 
istence for as 
long as the 
school itself, to 
the much new- 
er Film Club 
and Gay-Straight Alli- 
ance. The participation 
in these clubs is always 
increasing, and there is 
always room for more 
clubs to be created. 
Clubs produce camara- 
derie amongst the 

grades, because unlike 
segregated athletics, 
there are no age or talent 
barriers. There are many 
clubs, such as Students 
Against Drunk Driving 
and Students 
for Environ- 
mental Action 
that exist to 
give back to 
the communi- 
ty around 
HHS. Others 
clubs exist to bring fun to 
Hingham High School. 
No matter what the club, 
each gives its members 
the opportunity to con- 
tribute to Hingham High 
School in many different 


Student Council 

Dtudent Council had quite a facelift 
this year! With the motivation to 
improve the school atmosphere and to 
have a little more fun, the Student 
Council was determined to make 1998- 
99 its most impressive and effective 
year ever. Members of the council took 
part in all of the regional and state- 
wide conventions, learning new ideas 
and methods to improve activities and 
fundraisers. Student Council gave a lot 
of positive attention and well deserved 
appreciation to many of the "unsung 
heroes" of the faculty and staff at the 
school with both Appreciation weeks 

and Teacher of the Month awards. The 
Student Council also took part in 
service projects serving those less 
fortunate. Some of the projects included 
the SIDS Road Race, serving at Father 
Bill's Place, caring for a child at 
Christmas, and the Breast Cancer Walk. 
Events such as Kiss a Fish, Jello 
wrestling, numerous pep-rallies, and 
presents supporting various clubs 
throughout the year kept members 
busy and created a pleasant atmosphere 
at Hingham High School. Officers are 
Pres. Kristen B., V.P. Hilary B., Sec. 
Megan M., Treas. Christina S. 

Kristen and Maggie represent Hingham at the 
annual MASC conference. 

Class Officers: Caitlin McDonald (V-P), Susan Powers (Treas.), Ashley Engel 
(Secretary), Britton Lacy (Pres.) 

Student Council Officers: Christina Seremetis (Treasurer), Hilary Blowers (V- 
P), Kristen Buckley (Pres.), Megan McCourt (Secretary) 







j^ 1 

^^^^^^^^^^^H^HHSP*^ A. .^k 

l...^gB ^^rf< ■ 

.^ X 1 

^^^^ A ^ ^^m -^^Hl^- ~ '^E^^^^^l 

^H ^K ^^^H N 'i^r ^^^^^ 


National Honor Society 

For Hingham High School's National Honor Society, 1999 was guest speaker, Ms. Breen 
a year of great success. The Class 
of 1999 upheld the NHS's long- 
standing commitment to service 
while having fun at the same 
time. The dinner meetings were 
a great opportunity to plan up- 
coming events as well as enjoy 
some great meals. The year be- 
gan with a very successful bottle 
and can drive fund-raiser at the 
Hingham Landfill. The highlight 
of the year was the unforgettable 
induction ceremony held in De- 
cember, where members were formally honored for their years year was a great success, 
of dedicated study, community involvement, and service. As 

The National Honor Society Officers 

brought the crowd to their knees with 
her "investigation" into the 
childhood of each of the induc- 
tees. Led by President Kelly 
Lynch, Vice President Pete 
Sternburg, Secretary Francesca 
DiSilvio, and Treasurer Emily 
Goldin, the members participat- 
ed in a variety of projects and 
community events. NHS mem- 

""■ bers worked weekly at the local 
food pantry and tutored local el- 
ementary, middle, and high 
school students. Overall, the 

as well as a lot of fun. 

The 1998-1999 HHS National Honor Society 


Now we know why Bianca, Katie, Francesca and Mitzi work so hard . . . for the cake. 

Ms. Perelman congratulates Susan P. 

The National Honor Society candles burn brightly. 


Language Clubs 

Spanish Club 

The Spanish Club is having a lot of fun this year. It is 
small in number but 
there are big plans. So 
far in the 1998-99 school 
year, the Spanish Club 
has already done many 
activities. Members 
made lollipops to sell at 
the Homecoming 
games. They have also 
contacted the Latin 
American charity "Por 
Cristo" and hope to 
provide services to 
those in need by hold- 
ing a clothing drive. The 
Spanish Club is getting 
together with the French 
Club more this year. 

The two clubs had 

The 1998-99 Spanish Club 

a joint holiday party which was a 
huge success. There is a 
trip to Boston scheduled 
for later in year in order to 
see a flamenco show. 
Another trip to a Spanish 
or Mexican restaurant is 
also definitely happening. 
Foreign food is quite an 
experience. A celebration 
for el cinco de mayo is a 
possibility. All in all, the 
Spanish Club is exploring 
many new activities and is 
becoming more invovled 
in the community. The 
members hope the club 
will continue to grow and 
expand in the future. 


French Club 

La Bourn anyone? The French Club was much more 
than weeknight movies this year. As well as planning 
their own activities the members of the French Club 
coordinated some events with the Spanish Club. This 
way students from both clubs could experience a wider 
variety of cultures. The French Club also took trips to 
Boston to see French flicks, museums, and restaurants 
on Newbury Street. These fun excursions taught sudents 
a lot about French art and culture. The big activity for 
this year is the trip to France in the spring of 1999. 
Nothing can top a trip to France where students are 
immersed in the beautiful French language as weU as 
being introduced to the personalities and customs of a 
foreign country. The senior members of the club would j 
like to thank Madame for her guidance and fun times. 
Au revior, Hingham. 

The 1998-99 French Club 


Latin Club 

The Latin Club meets approximately once a month 
to discuss activities and have fun. Usually they 
watch movies and eat pizza. In order to make 
winter more enjoyable, the Latin Club will celebrate 
Solis Inviciti with a party. Members thoroughly 
enjoy this activity but the biggest party is held at 
the end of the year. The Latin Club holds a Roman 
Orgy. At this event the members play games and 
participate in races. After the competitions the 
winners are served dinner by the losers at a 
barbeque. These various experiences give students 
a better understanding of ancient Rome and the 
language its people spoke. All this knowledge is 
learned through parties, movies, and discussions 
held by the members of the Latin Club. 

The officers of the Latin Club Conor M., Liz S., Carrie M., and KeUi L. pose for 
the camera during club picture day. 

The 1998-99 Latin Club. 


Math Team 

The Hingham High School Math Team is a 
group of individuals who compete in math 
meets about once a month. They travel to 
various schools where the Math Team 
League gathers to test their math skills. The 
meet consists of several ten minute rounds in 
which the participants try to answer three 
questions which increase in difficulty. 

This year, the team has done very well. The 
math team was able to earn much needed 
points to progress in the league. Under the 
leadership of faculty advisors, Mr. Baisden 
and Mr. Olson, and presidents Erin Devine, 
Emily Goldin, and Megan McCourt, the 
team had a lot of fun, even when they didn't 
score any points. Those who came for the 
extra-credit left having really enjoyed the 

Math team "varsity letters" are awarded to 
the members of the math team who are 
dedicated and can score points for the team. 
The math team has many talented younger 
mathmaticians, each of whom holds much 
for the future. Good luck next year! 

Senior membes of the math team who have 
contributed their time are: 

Emily Goldin, President 
Erin Devine, President 
Megan McCourt, President 
Richard Buckman 
Jason Dorsky 
Kyle Mellen 
Katie Pyclik 
Adrianne Zofchak 

The presidents of the 1998-1999 Math Team: Erin Devine and 
Megan McCourt (Missing from photo: Emily Goldin) 

The 1998-1999 Math Team 


Science Clubs 

Oceanography Club 

Under the Guidance of Mr. 
Crowley, Hingham High 
School's Oceanography Club 
proved to be rewarding for 
both club members and stu- 
dents at each of the three 
Hingham Elementary Schools. 
At each elementary school, they 
took part in classroom activities 
by introducing basic concepts 
pertaining to the ocean. Foster 
school was important to the 
club due to the club's 1999 
program, "Fostering Global 
Awareness through Ocean 
Studies". All in all, the Ocean- 
ography Club was beneficial to 
everyone who participated. 

The 1998-1999 Oceanography Club. (Missing from photo: Senior Sarah Purcell) 

Biology Club 

The members of the Biology 
Qub have been active in setting 
up the greenhouse for the use 
of all Biology classes. The club 
spent several hours cleaning it 
up from this summer and used 
a couple of meetings to get this 
task done. They met with 
students who presented their 
experiences in field work over 
the past simuner. Veteran 
students have helped freshmen 
with their botany projects. 
Plans for this year include 
outside speakers for the spring. 
The Biology Qub president is 
senior Liz Smith. 

The members of the 1998-1999 Biology Club. 



"The Outer Limits" 

The Outer Limits" is a new organiza- 
tion to Hingham High School. It was 
founded last year by a small group of 
students led by Bianca Buccitelli and Ka- 
tie Pyclik. "The Outer Limits" is a liter- 
ary magazine that allows both the stu- 
dents and faculty of Hingham High 
School to explore their creative talents 
through the publication of their poems, 
short stories, essays, and artwork. As a 
result of the hard work accomplished by 

HHS's Literary Magazine 

literary contributions and artwork, fun- 
draising, and designing layout, one edi- 
tion of "The Outer Limits" was success- 
fully published in the spring of 1998, and 
another edition is planned for the up- 
coming spring. The staff of "The Outer 
Limits" would like to thank the English 
Department Head, Dr. Finnegan, their 
faculty advisor, Ms. Breen, Mr. Boddie, 
and all the students and faculty who 
have contributed to the magazine's suc- 
cessful publication. 

the staff of "The Outer Limits" in regard to collecting 

The 1998-1999 Staff of "The Outer Limits' 



This year's Harborlight staff had a very 
productive year. The meetings were al- 
ways fun and full of laughs, and under 
the guidance of our advisor, Mrs. Rehn- 
quist, the staff has acquired many im- 
portant and useful writing skills. With all 
of the commotion at the High School due 
to the construction and new building 
plans, the staff was never lacking in ma- 
terial to report! From Marisa Bethoney's 
and Michael Hines' features to Joe Valle's 
reviews, the staff tried their hardest to cover 

interest of the high school community. 
Lindsey Williams' club news, Erin De- 
vine's sports updates, and Josh Gay's 
creative writing have also added to the 
Harborlight's success. Finally, the photog- 
rapher, Lindsay Blampied and Editor-in- 
Chief Liz Caputo worked hard with the 
rest of the staff to give HHS the best 
newspaper possible. The staff would like 
to thank Mrs. Rehnquist for all of her pa- 
tience (won't you miss us next year 
Rehnny?) and her determination in GET- 
all points of TING THAT PAPER OUT! 

Editor-in-Chief Liz Caputo 

The 1998-1999 "Harborhght" Staff 



As the most thankless of all tasks at 
Hingham High School, working on the 
Yearbook has been laborious and tedi- 
ous. Though Yearbook was a task that 
many students at HHS were eager to 
tackle, when it came down to doing the 
work, there were a select few who put in 
the time and effort that made it all pos- 
sible. Our fearless Editor-in-Chief, Katie 
Pyclik, ensured that everything ran 
smoothly and on time. Advisors Mrs. Sil- 
va and Mr. Boddie taught the staff how 
the Yearbook should be done. Kelly 
Lynch and Drew Wilkins, our Business 
Editors, went beyond the expectancy of 
their job, and made more money for our 
Yearbook than had been fathomed. Erin 

O'Shea and Megan McCourt, as Photo 
Editors, took the pictures that make our 
Yearbook unique, while the Layout Edi- 
tors, Ashley Engel and Bianca Buccitelli 
placed the pictures and copy to structure 
the Yearbook. And, finally, the Copy Ed- 
itors, Christina Seremetis and Kristin 
Skrine added the words to finish the 
Yearbook. These people who hounded 
down captains for their write-ups and 
sorted through old soda cans to make the 
Yearbook possible deserve thanks for all 
they have done to preserve these four 
years at HHS. And perhaps in the future, 
these editors will look back on the Year- 
book and be glad they were a part of its 
creation. Maybe. 

MOST COH^^ON (2.tSpONS^: ^^HgH NO- 

5 .; -,-U k>XVS> 






>t ii*'-" 

. . ^ 





T he AFS club (American Field Service), gets stu- California and this year we are heading to North 
dents involved with the community, other states, Carolina. Through these, exchanges students are 

and other countries in the 
world. The club is one of 
the largest in the school. 
Each year foreign students 
are invited to experience 
life with Hingham fami- 
lies. Our exchange stu- 
dents for the '98-'99 year 
are: Cornelia Bayard, from 
Switzerland; Koen Bras- 
pennichx, from Belgium; 
and Kjersti Kuhnle (Kiki) 
from Norway. Students 
from Hingham also have 

The Officers of the AFS club, including senior President Cheryl St. 
Don (center). 

able to see other parts of 
the country and experi- 
ence what life is like in 
other states. Close 
friendships are made 
during these exchanges, 
some of which last a 

AFS sponsors and 
participates in a num- 
ber of community and 
social activities 
throughout the year. 
We hold a twelve hour 

the opportunity to live with host families in other Dance- A-Thon in October to raise money for a 
countries for a summer, semester, or year, and worthy cause, such as the "Toys for Tots" pro- 
have an unforgettable and enlightening experi- gram and for the crisis in Honduras. In November, 
ence. the club rakes leaves for the Friend's Home. We 
The club also participates in a domestic ex- also hold monthly meetings and holiday parties, 
change with an AFS club from another state dur- AFS is a fun and worthwhile club to join, 
ing February vacation. Last year the club went to 

The A.F.S. Club with their new friends from the California exchange. 

Cheryl S. and Julie H. smile in front of the Golden 
Gate Bridge. 


I H., Courtney D., Cheryl S., Liz D., Julie H., and Matt M. are 



i his has been the Gay-Straight Alliance's The Senior members of the Gay-Straight Al- 
second year at Hingham High School, liance include: 

Through activities such as Boston's Youth 
Pride March, establishing a display for Gay 
History Month, and hosting guest speakers, 
we hope to raise awareness and support di- 
versity throughout Hingham High School 
and the surrounding communities. 

Liz Smith 

Kirstin Dreyfus 

Alexis St. James 

Carrie MacKay 

Jessica Wheelright 

Monique Dyment 

The 1998-1999 members of the Gay-Straight Alliance. 


Debate Team 

1 he debate team had an excellent year. In its 
third year, the team completed its first full 
season of L-D debate, debating such topics as 
capital punishment, and sanctity of life op- 
posed to quality of life. 

The pumpkin sale and selling baked goods 
at Homecoming were both extremely suc- 
cessful fundraisers, and the team looks for- 
ward to continuing these traditions next fall. 

Mark Boddie, Kristin Thane, Abby Randall, 

Joshua Gay, Kate LeClair, Kimberly Morgan, 
Kathleen Keif, Meredythe Ryan, Margo Little- 
field, Brittany Beale, and Surekha Gajria all 
successfully competed in the team. 
Good Luck to Josh Gay next year! 

President: Molly Prendergast 

Vice President: Joshua Gay 

Secretary: Kristen Thane 

Advisor: AnnaMarie Fennelly 

The members of the 1998-1999 Debate Team. 


Volunteer Club 

The volunteer club is an organization geared towards club visits the Cohasset Knoll Nursing Home to play 

serving the community. In the past years, the students Bingo with the elderly, and meets weekly to plan new 

involved have given up their free time after school to events. The volunteer club has been a beneficial and 

visit the elderly, raise money for food pantries, and fun club to participate in. 
serve dinners at homeless shelters. Every Friday the 


The 1998-1999 members of the Volunteer Club. 





Members of the Students for Environmental Action from each of HHS's classrooms is also a job for this 

recycles cans, bottles, and paper 
at Hingham High School. Co- 
presidents of SEA are Liz Smith 
and Karen Grant, the treasurer is 
Alexis St. James, and the secre- 
tary is Kirstin Dreyfus. These 

The S.E.A. Officers: Kirsten Dreyfus, Liz Smith, 
Karen Grant, Alexis St. James. 

devoted group. The Students for 
Environmental Action would 
like to thank those who recycle, 
club members, and their advisor, 
Mr. Garland. Even though the 
group "picks through other peo- 

"die-hard" students meet together every Friday for the pie's trash", they stick with the club because the Stu- 
noble task of collecting the used cans of Hingham High dents for Environmental Action are helping to save the 
and recycling them. Collecting used paper to recycle planet. 

The 1998-1999 members of Students for Environmental Action. 


Amnesty International 

Amnesty International is a world-wide organization often overlooked club, but its members are dedicated 

that lobbies for human rights. 
The members of the group reach 
out to shed light on many of the 
atrocities going on in the world 
that would otherwise be over- 

and persistent. By writing let- 
ters, the group at least acknowl- 
edges that these problems exist, 
as awareness is the first step to- 
wards change. Amnesty Inter- 

looked. The high school chapter Amnesty's officers: Abby Bird and Kevin Foley national would like tO thank Mr. 

sends letters to groups in an ef- 
fort to rectify social or political problems in such coun- 
tries as China and Turkey. Amnesty International is an 

Swett for all of his hard work as 
their advisor. 

The 1998-1999 members of HHS's Amnesty International. 


Intergenerational Club 

As a part of YEAH (Youth and Elderly Action in 
Hingham), Hingham High's Intergenerational Club 
has had another fun and successful year working to- 
gether with senior citizens to serve our community. 
We started off the year with our annual conference at 
the Congregational Church. It was a great day with a 
delicious lunch and interesting discussions. For the 
third year in a row, we participated in Operation Over- 

coat. We collected used coats, hats, and gloves from 
drop off points around town and met to package them 
in boxes after a potluck supper. Our ongoing service 
project for this year was the reading program at South- 
East School. Teams of seniors and students went to 
elementary classes once a week to read stories. Thanks 
to all who contributed this year! 



The 1998-1999 members of HHS's Intergenerational Club. 



D tudents Against Drunk Driving is a group 
of students committed to protecting the safety 
of others. 

In the beginning of the 
school year, the Students 
Against Drunk Driving 
handed out pledge forms 
to the Hingham High 
School students. Anyone who signed this 
form committed to never drink and drive or 
drive with someone who has been drinking. 

The vast majority of the student population 
at Hingham High School signed this pledge. 
The winners get a gift certificate if they are in 
ninth or tenth grade, or, if the student is in 




eleventh or twelfth grade, he or she wins a 
parking spot in the coveted close-lot for a 

Members of the 1998- 
1999 Students Against 
Drunk Driving include: 
Hilary Hurst 
Kimberly Morgan 
Amanda Hammond 
Colleen Connolly 
Andrea Hutchinson 
Maggie Clark 
Marissa Bethoney 
Mike Hines 

The 1998-1999 members of Students Against Drunk Driving. 


Peer Group 

1 eer Group consisted of twenty-five Juniors 
(now Seniors) who dedicated their time to 
teach younger kids about the adverse effects 
of alcohol and drugs. The group was advised 
by Mrs. Gustafson and Ms. Cormia. Because 
the peer leaders needed to take an oath to ab- 
stain from drugs during the duration of Peer 
Group, the leaders were a special group of 

To get acquainted with one another, the 
Peer Group spent two days at the Espousal 
Center (in the middle of nowhere). Although 
the food left something to be desired, the mas- 
sages and movies kept the group busy. By 
playing games with straws and koosh balls, 
the peer leaders learned about each other, and 
about themselves. 

The Group made three visits to the Middle 
School (where they may have been too late). 

and seven to the three elementary schools. 
Trips to Papa Gino's and Dunkies "on the 
way" back to the High School were always 

Peer Group also had a number of speakers, 
where they learned about the all-important 
art of bodybuilding, and about Drew's secret 
life as a "sexpert". While some of the speakers 
may have had more serious messages than 
others, each taught the group important les- 

During the class time, the group watched 
movies, some more relevant than others 
(Trainspotting and Basketball Diaries), and 
planned the next visit's activities. 

Peer Group had a lot of fun (and strange) 
experiences, but overall, it was extremely suc- 
cessful and the memories will last for a long 

Hingham High's Peer Group 1997/1998. 



JVlixed Chorus consists of singers 
from grades ten through twelve run by 
Dr. Paul Cappers. Each December, the 
chorus performs a major work. Over 
the past four years, the chorus has per- 
formed, in 
complete, Fau- 
re's Requiem, 
Handel's Mes- 
siah, Carl Orff s 
Carmina Bur- 
ana, and Bee- 
thoven's Mass 
in C Major. The 
mixed chorus 
also partici- 
pates in musi- 
cal exchanges 
around the 
country. In 

1996, the chorus went to Greely, Maine 
and in 1997 they traveled to Weston, 
Connecticut. In 1998 the chorus re- 
mained in Hingham and engaged in an 
invitational music festival with Scituate 
High School, under the direction of Dr. 
Perry, a well-known and highly distin- 
guished conductor. In the spring of 
1999, the chorus went to Orlando, Flor- 
ida to perform at Walt Disney World. 
In addition to the larger tour choir. 

the students can audition for a selective 
a cappeUa group called Choral Spec- 
trum. Dr. Cappers selects a small num- 
ber of students, who then meet weekly. 
These students work very hard and de- 
vote much time 
to the success 
of their annual 
spring concert. 
In 1998, the 
senior girls be- 
gan a separate 
women's a cap- 
pella group, 
under the di- 
rection of Dr. 
Paul Cappers. 
This group, en- 
titled "The 
M o o n g 1 o w 
Mermaids", also meets weekly and 
performs at numerous concerts. 

Dr. Cappers is a wonderful conduc- 
tor and teacher. The chorus benefits 
from his teaching abilities and the sen- 
iors wiU miss him dearly. The 1998-99 
student officers board worked extreme- 
ly hard to keep the chorus up and run- 
ning and was met with great success. 
Congratulations to the senior chorus 
members for four terrific years! 




ft i4 








The Hingham High School Chorus. 

Liz C, Kathryn C, Kristen ]., and Conor 
McD. making beautihil music. 


Hingham High School's Choral Spectrum. 

Senior girl Chorus buddies. 



Ah, Orchestra. Who would' ve 
thought that such fun could be had 
with stringed instruments? G peri- 
od, six days a week for 
most, with a brief 
breath of fresh air while 
going to the outside 
room (some of us get- 
ting "lost" on the way) 
has become part of a 
routine most of us will 
find difficult to leave. 
In all reality, orchestra 
did have a lot of high 
moments. Some in- 
clude: certain unnamed 
graduates of '98 break- 
ing into Keith Lock- 
hart's dressing room (EA and JLF), 
the infamous Saturday school de- 
tention of '97, the gatekeeper at An- 
napolis ("come out of your 
house!"), the "D" scale which we 
all dreaded and never quite knew 
how to play, the embarrassing "Ca- 
nadian Brass Christmas" bell solo 

in '96, the "Quest", and most im- 
portantly, the annual Band (and or- 
chestra) trip. In our three years un- 
der conductor Mrs. 
Hallet we played many 
universally enjoyed 
pieces, from "Palladio" 
to "Also Sprach Zara- 
thustra". Under the 
new conductor, Ms. 
Hartley, a slightly dif- 
ferent approach to or- 
chestral music has been 
taken by way of Jimi 
Hendrix. Under the ev- 
er important leadership 
of seniors Rosamund 
H. (President), Cristina 
B. (Vice President), Katie P. (secre- 
tary), Kyle M. (treasurer), Britton 
Lacy and Alexis St. James, orches- 
tra continues to flourish. We look 
forward to a great music trip this 
year in Montreal and a continued 
tradition of excellence in the fu- 

The Hingham High School Orchestra. 

Katie P., Rosamund H., CrisHna B., and Kyle M.: 
The backbone of the Orchestra. 




JtT. ingham High School Band conductor 
A. Douglas Wauchope has conducted sev- 
eral bands during the four-year period that 
seniors Mark Bologna, 
Reed CatUn, Jon Conway, 
Claire Peterson, Tom 
Preston, Ron Vickers, Jan 
Wellford, and Tim 
Waugh have been in- 
volved, including a Con- 
cert Band, a Jazz Band, 
and a Wind Ensemble. 
The highlight of the year 
for these groups is the 
spring band /orchestra 
trip, which revolves 
around a national com- 
petition for bands and or- 
chestras. Each trip also 
features a day at a theme 
park such as Six Flags. 
Freshman year they trav- 
eled to Washington D.C. 
(by bus), and they went 
to Annapolis, Maryland as sophomores. 
As juniors, they flew to Atlanta for the best 
band trip of their high school careers. Al- 
though free time was limited, they man- 
aged to cram tours of the CBS studio and 
the Coca-Cola factory, a Braves baseball 
game, a LONG tour of Atlanta, a day at 
Six Flags over Georgia, and a competition 
into just a few days. As seniors, they will 
again board a bus for Montreal for their 

last high school band trip. 

The Hingham High Band has made 
great strides musically. One year, the Con- 
cert Band and the Jazz 
Band each learned and 
presented a world pre- 
miere piece. The Concert 
Band piece, a minimalist 
work entitled "Concerti- 
no" and composed by 
Lewis Stewart, was a 
challenge for the band. 
"Big Squeaky", the Jazz 
Band piece with compos- 
er Mark Cross on piano, 
took a lot of time and ef- 
fort to learn, but was ex- 
cellent in concert. Both 
pieces were written with 
the Hingham bands in 
mind, and they sounded 

Every senior involved 
in band became musical- 
ly accomplished through the guidance of 
Mr. Wauchope. His dedication to improv- 
ing the musical abilities of his students is 
unparalleled, and the teaching of music is 
obviously his passion. The senior members 
of the Hingham High School bands would 
like to thank Mr. Wauchope for the inspi- 
ration he has given them, and for all the 
hard work he has put into their lives. 

Jan Wellford wailing on the sax. 

Ron Vickers and Tim Waugh are taking it easy. 


he band's main man: Mark Bologna 

The Hingham High School Band. 




As we started our High School career we "Hello Dolly," 
tried out for "Guys and Dolls." Some fresh- performed in 
men got such prestigious 
parts as "the paperboy" or 
"the bartender," while the 
rest of the freshmen were 
excited about being in cho- 
rus and crew. When we 
moved on and our talents 
grew, we helped bring to- 
gether "Anything Goes." 
As we sailed along on the 
boat made of plywood we 
moved on to where the 
happy boat sank when we 
performed "To Destroy You is No Loss." Af- 
ter three months of rehab we were ready for 

The Drama Club officers and representatives. 

which was the last musical we 
the old auditorium. As we 
looked like idiots we per- 
formed "Fools." As we 
SURGED to our next round 
we were outdone by kids 
dancing like horses from 
"Joseph Case." We signed 
a deal with Notre Dame, 
and after peace negotia- 
tions we presented "Crazy 
for You," our final musical. 
Thank you to all and to all 
a good night. 

The 1998-1999 members of HHS's Drama Club. 


Film Club 

The Film 
Club was 
just this 
year by a 
group of 
am High 

and it has caught on well. The 
students in this club are dedi- 
cated to watching and discuss- 
ing various films. The number 
of new club members this year 
promises that the Film Club 
will be even more successful in 
the years to come. 

The members of the fihn club. 

Thespian Society 

The Hingham High School 
Thespian Society is part of an 
international organization for 
actors, actresses and crew 
members. To be a Thespian, a 
person must have been in the 
Drama Club for at least two 
years, participated in four 
plays, and have been both a 
crew member and an actor. A 
first year Thespian receives a 
pin, a shirt designed by a 
Hingham Student, and a sub- 
scription to Dramatics maga- 

The members of the International Thespian Society. 



The Hingham High School Dra 
ma Club performed 
the musical Crazy for 
You this fall. Despite 
the logistic confu- 
sion (the play had to 
be performed at No- 
tre Dame Acade- 
my), the musical 
was a great success. 
Some notable senior 
performers were Al- 
lison Melia, Kristen 
Buckley, Drew 
Wilkins, Chris Shaugnessy, Bob 
Masland, Eric Smallwood, Sarah 
Gordon, and Kelly Lynch. Many 

other seniors participated in the 
chorus or crew. The 
Drama Club looks 
forward to perform- 
ing their annual mu- 
sicals in the new 
high school audito- 
rium, unfortunately, 
many talented sen- 
iors will be gone. 

Kristen Buckley sings her heart out. 


Adrianne Z. says it all, "Got Crew?" 


Jess Nermoe and Liz Caputo show some affection on the sidelines of the Softball game 


Rosamund H., Drew W., Tom P., Elizabeth S., Sarah H., and Cristina B. take a break at 
crew practice. 

Jrl ingham High School 
has always had a wide va- 
riety of sports choices. 
There's a team for almost 
anyone inter- 
ested in athlet- 
ics. Also, re- 
cently, HHS has 
added two new 
varsity sports 
to its ever- 
growing list: 
Ski Team and 
Sailing Team. 
Being an official 
high school 
sport brings 
more recogni- 
tion, and fund- 
ing from the 
school. The Crew team is 
one of the few Hingham 
High Sports not "official- 
ly" recognized. However, 
Crew, in addition to Swim 
Teams and Figure Skating, 
has a great number of 
Hingham High School par- 

Like everything in our 
senior year, our athletics 

have been affected by the 
construction. The Softball 
team lost its primary field, 
and all teams have been af- 
fected by the lack- 
ing of parking 
during practices 
and games. We 
still have our 
gym, though, 
which allows us 
to put out all our 
spirit at the pep 
rallies. The school 
has always been 
very supportive 
of its various 
teams, especially 
hockey and foot- 
ball. Besides pep 
rallies, the sports teams help 
evoke school spirit in general. 
It's not uncommon to see the 
basketball, track, gymnastics 
or hockey teams dressed for 
success in their uniforms, or 
other spirited outfits on the 
day of a game or meet. The 
Class of 1999 wishes good 
luck to all the future sports 



With a new league and a new 5K course 
in World's End, the 1998 season was a 
memorable one for both the Boys' and 
Girls' Cross-Country 
teams. Under leadership 
of Coach Joseph Ryan, 
both teams grew in tal- 
ent, and in spirit. The 
Girls' Cross-Country 
team was led by tri-cap- 
tains Courtney Allen, 
Allison Melia, and 
Christina Seremetis. The 
team finished with a 
perfect record of 6-0 in 
the newly formed Patri- 
ot League. While the 
team shut-out many 
teams, it was a one-point 
victory over Scituate 
that clinched their title. 
An important member 
of the depth on the Girls' 
team was Nicky Meyer, 
the team's unassuming, 
but powerful "secret 
weapon", who was an important factor 
in many of the victories. The three cap- 
tains contributed to the team both on and 
off the race course with their excellent 
performances, determination, and lead- 
ership. It was a fitting end to an exciting 
season when the red and white champi- 

onship banner arrived as a tribute to the 
hard work and achievement of the 1998 
Girls' Cross-Country team. The Boys' 
Cross Country team, 
though young, is emerg- 
ing as a power in the Pa- 
triot League. Under the 
leadership of Mark Bo- 
logna, and Junior Tyler 
Nielson, the team was 
able to defeat Mashpee 
and East Bridgewater 
with ease this season. 
Mark, the team's only 
senior, has been running 
with the team since 8th 
grade. His hard work 
has paid off, as he has 
been a League All-Star 
Honorable Mention for 
the past two years. The 
teams great numbers of 
underclassmen, as well 
as returning juniors en- 
sure that the team will 
prosper and improve 
next year. The seniors on both teams will 
not simply miss the meets and victories, 
but the people they have bonded with, 
and with whom these four years have 
been most memorable. They wish the 
Cross-Country teams the best of luck in 
the years to come. 

Captain Christina Seremetis sprints to the finish at 
the final hill of World's End. 

Courtney Allen 

Mark Bologna 

Allison Melia 

Nicky Meyer 

Christina Seremetis 



Spring Track 

Courtney Allen 

Mark Bologna 

Craig Buckley 

Tom Ford 

Pat Cotter 

Ron Gomez 

Rosamund Healey 

Inge Kuipers 


Hingham High School's 
Spring Track teams, have 
been making great "strides" 
over the past few years. The 
teams are largely composed 
of seniors who will be missed 
next year. Both the boys' and 
girls' team, in the competitive 
Atlantic Coast League, split 
their record with 
several wins and 
few losses. 

The girls' team 
was led by captains 
Rosamund Healey 
and Christina Sere- 
metis. The success of 
the team has been 
dependent on the 
extreme depth of its 
members. Rosa- 
mund has consis- 
tently been the top 
shot putter in the 
League, while Sen- 
ior Kristin Skrine has been 
one of the top harriers in the 
800m run in the League. The 
team also works together in 
larger meets to score points; 
the girls' high jumpers and 
long jumpers have won nu- 
merous medals at the relay 
meets. The team misses Inge 
Kuipers, a captain from last 
year, and MVP of the team. 

who moved to Europe last year. 
A strong class of freshmen, and 
other underclassmen promise 
that the team will be successful 
in the years to come. 

The boys' team was led by 
Senior Jan Wellford, and Jun- 
iors Jeff Born, Steve Daly, and 
Evan Lindquist as the captains. 
A factor in the suc- 
cess of the team was 
the first-year coach 
"PJ" Burke, who 
added a new sense 
of camaraderie and 
unity to the team. 
Important assets to 
the team include Jan 
who consistently 
scored points in the 
mile, and Andy 
Scerbo who 

launched the javelin 
further than most in 
the league. The Jun- 
ior-dominated boys' team 
shows that next year will be one 
of the best for the team. 

Both the boys' and girls' 
teams would like to thank the 
coaches who have helped make 
such successes possible, and 
good luck to all of the seniors 
runners, jumpers, and throwers 
in the future. 

Adrianne Zofchak 

Drew Wilkins 

Jan Wellford 

Kelly Lynch 

Allison Melia 

Nicolle Meyer 

Andy Scerbo 

Christina Seremetis 

Kristin Skrine 


Winter Track 

The Boys' and Girls' Winter Track teams 
had memorable seasons this year. As the 
last class to run at the BU Armory, the 
seniors were extremely successful in the 
Patriot League. Under the leadership of 
Coach Paul Manganello 
and captains Courtney 
Allen, Kelly Lynch, and 
Christina Seremetis, the 
Girls' team had one of 
the best seasons it has 
had in years. With ap- 
proximately 50 girls on 
the team, many of 
whom were newcoming 
seniors, the Track team 
finished second in the 
league, defeated nar- 
rowly by Scituate. The 
girls had 5 League All-Stars including 
seniors Rosamund Healey and Christina 
Seremetis. Rosamund has continually 
dominated the League in the shot-put 
during her 4 years on the team. The good 
weather allowed the girls to run out- 
doors this winter, with "hard" Turkey 

Hills and track workouts at "seven 
eighths speed" being the favored work- 
outs. The amazing strength of the under- 
classmen shows that the Girls' Winter 
Track team will continue to excel in the 
future. The Boys' Track 
team, led by Coach 
Steve Herrmann and 
Captains Jeff Born and 
Steve Daly, had a great 
season as well. Seniors 
Tom Ford and Pat Cot- 
ter excelled in the shot- 
put and sprinting, while 
Senior Josh Gay contrib- 
uted to the team greatly 
as a middle-distance 
runner. All three of the 
seniors boys, each some- 
what new to the team, will be missed by 
the team next year. Though the seniors 
will remember the trips to McDonald's 
and Store 24 with fondness, it is the ca- 
maraderie and friendships the team 
members have made that will be remem- 
bered in the years to come. 


Kathyrn C. is working hard to cross that finish line. 






Courtney Allen 

Kathryn Clifford 

Pat Cotter 

Kelly Crowley 

Tom Ford 

Josh Gay 


4 ^M H^l .■^■". 

Rosamund Healey Kjersti Kuhnle Kelly Lynch Allison Melia Nicky Meyer Caitlin McDonald 


Field Hockey ^ 

Jackie Briggs 

Nicole Cavallo 

Kathryn Clifford 

Kelly Crowley 

Erin Devine 

Lindsey Gallant 


Not just ""Chicks with 
Sticks" . . . 

1 hey've been through so much in 
the past few years. Through so many 
laughs and a few tears. They started 
as freshmen, timid and scared, 
Coaches Heather 
and Kelly tried to 
get them prepared 
... A little more 
confident and ea- 
ger for fun. As 
sophomores they 
stepped on the 
field in the hot Au- 
gust sun. As jun- 
iors they knew they 
had to be rough. 
They got down in 
the dirt and played 
real tough. Ms. 
Gordon showed 
them Varsity was a 
whole new game. 
The team had to be 
intense to achieve 
their fame. Since they were the rook- 
ies in the crowd. They learned that 
cheering from the bench can still 
make one proud! Three years have 
passed, they are Seniors at last! They 
strived to make their final season a 
blast. At first Ms. Gordon thought 
they were ballarinas at most. But after 
winning the Patriot League Champi- 
onship she had reason to boast! 
"Shoot coach" it's over, Winnie tells 

them it's so ... But the friendships 
they made they'll carry wherever 
they go. Thank you Moms, Dads, sib- 
lings and friends. For your loving 
support from be- 
ginning to end. To 
Heather and Ms. 
Gordon, their de- 
voted guides. 
You've given them 
confidence to suc- 
ceed in life; it's 
been an incredible 
ride. Seniors! Chin 
up! There's no rea- 
son to be upset. 
Think of the fun the 
team had trying to 
put up the net! 
They will keep 
these memories of 
all the fun they 
had. They are proof 
of how wonderful 
life is and that's a reason to be glad! 

The 1998 HHS Field Hockey team 
was lead by co-captains Kelly Crow- 
ley and Caitlin McDonald. The team's 
success was due to the entire team, 
especially the seniors. This was their 
first season in the Patriot League and 
they finished in first place and made 
it to the State Tournament. Their final 
record was 9-4-6. 

Megan McCourt 

Caitlin McDonald 

Marielle Murray 

Taylor O'Neil 

Buseh Romania 

Tracy Wehter 






1 he boys' soccer team had a very 
successful season despite some 
tough losses to rival teams. They 
finished with a record of 11-9-1. 
The Captains, Scot 
Chisholm, Tyson 
Scmitt, John Henesey, 
and Ron Vickers led 
the team to their first 
ever patriot League Ti- 
tle. (First soccer ban- 
ner also!) The offense 
was led by Ron Vick- 
ers and Scot Chisholm. 
The midfield was con- 
trolled by Tyson 
Schmitt and John He- 
nesey, and the defense 
by Kevin Coughlin, 
Mike Driscoll and Jan Wellford, 
who all supported Leslie Fernan- 
des at net. Scot Chisholm, Jan 

Wellford, Ron Vickers, Leslie Fer- 
nandes, and Tyson Schmitt were 
selected as League All-Stars. Jan 
Wellford and Scot Chisholm were 
also chosen as East- 
ern Massachusetts 
All-Stars. Season 
highlights included 
the wins over Scitu- 
ate and the 4-2 loss 
to Marshfield (4th in 
the country). 
Memorable quotes: 
"By the end of the 
weekend, we were 
breaking kid's nos- 
es!" — Ron V. 
"I got hogg" — Kev- 
in C. 
"I'm too young to die!" — John H. 
"Nice goal Bridget!" — Scot C. 

Kevin Coughlin 


Captains Scot and John take control of 
the ball . . . 

The Seniors on the 1998 Boys' Soccer team take time out of their busy season to pose for a 
J picture. 

Mike Driscoll 

Leslie Femandes 

John Henesey 

Tyson Schmitt 

Ron Vickers 

Jan Wellford 


HHS Soccer Seniors show off their moves at the Homecoming Game 


Caitlin Fahey 

Carla Gigon 

Cara Glassanos 

Britton Lacy 

Under second-year coach Guy 
Enoch, the varsity girls' soccer 
team enjoyed a 
very successful and 
fun-filled season. 
The team qualified 
for the state tour- 
nament for the first 
time in four years. 
A lot has changed 
since that tie 
against Randolph. 
Highlights of the 
season include; a 
tie against Atlantic 
Coast League 
Plymouth-North, a 
win over a very 
tough Rockland 
team, and a tourna- 
ment win over 
The team was very 
close this year and 
spent a lot of time, maybe too 
much time, together both on and 
off the field. The most memo- 
rable events of the season were 
the "imagery sessions" and the 
dances Jess N. and Britt L. 
performed. Co-captians Cara 
Glassanos and Britton Lacy, 

along with seniors Caitlin Fahey, 
Carla Gigon, Jessica Nermoe, 

Susan Powers, and 
Lauren Smith, who 
was unfortunately 
sidelined with an 
injury for most of 
the season, led the 
team to a great 
season and played 
exceptionally well. 
The soccer team's 

~l-0 vs. Rockland 
~7-0 vs. Mashpee 
-2-2 vs. 

E. Bridgewater 
~3-0 vs. Abington 
~9-0 vs. Randolph 
~1-1 vs. Scituate 
-2-0 vs. Middleboro 
-1-1 vs. Plymouth- 
-0-0 vs. Rockland 
-8-1 vs. Mashpee 
-1-4 vs. 

E. Bridgewater 
-5-0 vs. Randolph 
-0-1 vs. Scituate 
-0-2 vs. Duxbury 
-2-0 vs. Middleboro 
-1-3 vs. Norwell 
-1-2 vs. Plymouth-S. 
-3-0 vs. Nauset 
Toumamnet Record: 

-2-0 vs.Bishop-Feehan 
-1-3 vs. Oliver Ames 

Jessica Nermoe 

Susan Powers 

Co-Captain Cara Glassanos looks pensive as she waits to trounce the opposing team. 


Lauren Smith 



The 1998 Football Cheerleaders 
have really come a long way to be- 
come what they are today. They 
were all dedicated, enthusiastic 
and really got the crowd going. In 
the summer of 
1997 they at- 
tended the Uni- 
versal Cheer- 
leaders Associa- 
tion Camp 
(UCA) for four 
days and came 
out an entirely 
different squad. 
There they 
learned new 
cheers, fancy 
stunts, and ex- 
citing dances 
which they dis 
played at the games and pep-ral- 
lies. At camp the entire squad 
qualified to perform in the 1997 

Citrus Bowl in Florida. They ac- 
cepted the offer with pride and ex- 
citement. There were lots of good 
times, laughter and hard work. 
The annual Homecoming Dance 
put on by the 
Cheerleaders was 
a big success. 
There was enough 
people to require 
two DJ's and two 
dance floors. Sen- 
ior Cheerleader 
and Captain Tan- 
ya Cioffari helped 
the team cheer the 
football team 
through an excel- 
lent season. The 
girls really en- 
joyed what they did 
this year and they were very hap- 
py with the success of their sea- 

Tanya Cioffari 


Go! Fight! Win! 

The cheerleaders 
perfectly execute 
a difficult stunt. 
Oower left) 

Upperclassmen Tiffany Lamier, Christy Bell, Allison Spahn and Tanya Cioffari 




Mike Bizzozero 

Craig Buckley 


mMk ^HHBI 

Reed Catlin 

Josh Corson 

Pat Cotter 

Tom Ford 


The Higham Varsity Football team jumps for the 

The Hingham High School 
Football team finished with a 
record of 6-4 for their 1998 sea- 
son. The team was led by sen- 
iors: Ron 
(The Termi- 
nator) Gom- 
ez, Mike 
(Fire) loanilli, 
Chris Primo, 
Pat (The 
Kiernan, An- 
thony (Chubby) Lopez, Mike 
Bizzozero, Tom (TT) Ford, 
Reed (Cynthia) Catlin, Matt 
(Hussey) Hersey, Josh Corson, 
Kris Lundberg, and Captains: 
Craig (The Viper) Buckley, An- 
dy (Turbo) Scerbo, and Ryan 
Jardine. Craig Buckley, Ryan 
Jardine, Josh Corson and Andy 
Scerbo earned Patriot League 
All-Star status. Team awards 
were won by Reed Catlin (De- 
fensive MVP), Andy Scerbo 


(Coach's Award), Ryan Jardi- 
ne (Offensive MVP) and Craig 
Buckley who gained over 1300 
yards throughout the season 
and was 
named Team 
MVP. The 
team would 
like to thank 
Head Coach 
Paul Kilin- 
ger. Offen- 
sive Coordi- 
nator Flash Gordon Smith, De- 
fensive Coordinator Ralph 
(The Wizard) Goslin, and the 
Head of the FMC /Offensive 
and Defensive Line Coach Jim 
Langeill. The team would also 
like to give a special thanks to 
their freshmen Coach Rick 
Trulson. The team worked re- 
ally hard and had a lot of fun. 
The friendships and memories 
they have made will last a life- 

Andy Scerbo 


Kris Lundberg 


Ron Gomez 

Matt Hersey 


Mike loanelli 

Ryan Jardine 

Pat Kiernan 


Anthony Lopez 



As one of the best teams at Hingham 
High School, the Wrestling team has had 
incredible success over the past few 
years. In the 1997-1998 wrestling season, 
the team proved to be one of the most 
dominant forces on the South Shore 
when they were champions in the Atlan- 
tic Coast League. Led by captains Dan 
Primo, Craig Buckley, and Brian White, 
the team continued this success in the 
1998-1999 season. Other seniors, includ- 
ing Mark Bologna, Chris Primo, and 
Matt Hersey contributed greatly, and 

helped lead the team to great victory. 
This year. Captain Craig Buckley and 
Senior Chris Primo were State Champi- 
ons, adding to the success of the 1998- 
1999 Hingham High School Wrestling 
team. The team would like to thank their 
coaches, Dave DiMarino and head coach 
Bill Barges for all of their hard work in 
making Hingham High's Wrestling team 
one of the top in the state. The seniors 
wish next year's team the best of luck in 
the future, and hopes that they will con- 
tinue their awesome record next year. 

Senior Craig Buckley is one of the best wrestlers in the state of Massachusetts. 

Mark Bologna 

Craig Buckley 


Chris Primo 

Dan Primo 

Brian White 

Captain Craig Buckley prepares to throw his opponent. 


Girls' Basketball 

The HHS Girls' Varsity Basketball team 
had quite a '98-'99 season! With Seniors 
Captain Kristen Buckley, Captain Carla 
Gigon, Britton Lacy, Libby Mirabile, and 
Tammy Powers, it is easy to see why they 
ended the regular season with 15 wins 
and only 3 losses and 
had an unbelievable 
showing in the State 
Tournament! The ex- 
perience and talent of 
the Seniors, along 
with their returning 
Junior, All-Star center 
Brady Garrity, guid- 
ed the six rookie 
members of the team. 
Sophomores Melanie 
Dobson and Lauren 
Sullivan, and Fresh- 
men, Bridget Driscoll, 
Hilary Gibson, Laura 
Glassanos, and 
Meaghan Marshall, to 
their first of many 
winning seasons. The 
leadership of the cap- 
tains both on and off 
the court was a huge 
factor in the team's success and camara- 
derie. With Patriot League All-Star Gi- 
gon controlling the game from the posi- 
tion of point guard, along with Buckley's 
spirit and persistent cheering, the team 
had a winning combination! Mirabile, 

the smallest "big-man" in the league, 
was the Harbormen's secret weapon at 
times. Unless you knew Mirabile from 
years past, you would never guess that 
this 5' 5" player felt most comfortable in 
the paint! Her viscious rebounding and 
creative shooting 
style were key in 
Hingham's wins! Pa- 
triot League All-Star 
Powers shot lights 
out from three-point 
land throughout the 
season, catching the 
eye of many college 
coaches. Lacy was 
known as the team's 
"Super Sub", coming 
off the bench like a 
shot gun and lighting 
it up when the chips 
were down. Hingh- 
am's style of play was 
a fast-break, run-the- 
court offense with a 
serious and hard- 
nosed zone defense. 
With their speed and 
familiarity with each 
other, having played on the same team 
since sixth grade, this veteran squad 
showed the league a thing or two and 
gave fans a few games to remember! 
Thanks for a great season HHS fans, and 
good luck to everyone! 

Captain Kristen Buck- 
ley shoots the ball with 
ease, (above) 

Kristen Buckley 

Carla Gigon 


The members of the 1998-1999 Girls' Varsity Basketball Team. 

i 4iii 01^ '!■ 






Boys' Basketball 

The Hingham High School Boys' Bas 
ketball team had a great 
year as they won many 
hard fought games. The 
team was led by Senior 
Captains Mike loanilli, 
and John Toomey as 
well as Junior tri-captain 
Jim Battista. The team 
consisted of a large Jun- 
ior core of Dellaili 
Tsaku, Rodney Johnson, 
Brian Miller, Ryan Sul- 
livan, Jason Ryan, Matt 
Fallon, Nick Shore, Greg 
Hope, Ted Flynn, and 
Jim Christino. The team 
was also helped along 

Captain John Toomey 

team's success throughout the season can 
be attributed to their 
close knit nature, and 
the friendships they 
have made this year. 
The team would like to 
thank their coaches, Ged 
Phelan, and Assistant 
Coach Eugene B. who 
helped lead the team to 
victories this year. With 
their help, the HHS 
Boys' Basketball team 
made it to the tourna- 
ment, where they ex- 
celled greatly. The sen- 
iors of the team will be 
missed, but they wish 

by the play of Sophomore Jason Riley good luck to the team next year, 
and the team manager Tom Meehan. The 

John Toomey 

Hey guys! Over here! I'm open! 




#21 fights to steal the puck from the opponent. 

Hingham's #26 gets ready to aid our 
team to another victory. 

Hingham works 

together on the ice 

to bring the team to 

another victory. 


Hingham's #26 smashes the puck away from the opposing team. 

"^ #j% > 


This year's Hingham High 
School hockey team had a suc- 
cessful and productive sea- 
son. After easily winning the 
Division II State 
at the Fleet Cen- 
ter two years 
ago, the team 
stepped up to 
Division I 
where they 
have been faced 
with new and 
challenging op- 

The team was 
led by seniors 
Joe Griffin, Anthony Hagger- 
ty, Brian Margetts, Colby Wil- 
cox, and Mike Woods. Under- 
classmen look promising for a 
successful season next year. 
Despite injuries over the past 
couple of years, the team's 

hard work, strong effort, and 
good sportsmanship held the 
team together. The hockey 
cheerleaders have also been a 
factor in the 
success of the 
team, as they 
have given the 
team the enthu- 
siasm and sup- 
port to win. 
The team 
^ would like to 

^i thank all the 

coaches for 
their hard work 
•fl and commit- 
ment to the 
team. Thanks also to all of the 
fans who have been dedicated 
to supporting the team. Best 
of luck to the Hingham High 
School hockey team in the 
years to come. 


Joe Griffin 

Anthony Haggerty 

Brian Margetts 

Colby Wilcox 

Mike Woods 




The 1999 Hingham High School Ski 
Team is graduat- 
ing its last group of 
founding members 
this year. The sen- 
ior racers are Reed 
Catlin, Mike Cor- 
nell, Erin Devine, 
Leslie Fernandes, 
Cara Glassanos, 
Jess Matthews, 
Megan McCourt, Tom Preston, Nik Rau, 
and Jan Wellford. This talented group 
started the ski "club" four years ago, and 
has made tremendous progress in this 
short time. Both teams have captured 

first place in the Ski East League. The 
team came togeth- 
er for healthy com- 
petition and im- 
provement, and 
ended up making 

Senior girls Jess, Meg and Erin. 

new friends and 
having a blast! Our 
success is due, in 
part, to our coach- 
es, Bede Wellford, 
Ken Corbett, and Phil Glassanos. In the 
future, the Hingham Ski Team will con- 
tinue to dominate with its ever-improv- 
ing younger skiers. Good Luck next year! 

The Three Stooges hit the slopes! 

Mike Cornell 

Erin Devine 

Leslie Fernandes 

Cara Glassanos 

Jess Matthews 

Megan McCourt 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Hir^S^^^^^^^K^ '.^^^^^^^^^H ■* l^^^l 








Captain Cara 
Glassanos is 
ready to re- 
tire after a 
day on the 
slopes, (right) 

vVe began in December and with eacy 

dry land. 

We learned new techniques at our coach's 


Skiing takes practice, it's really quite hard. 

So we huffed, and we puffed and got rid of 

that lard. 

And, in so doing, learned everyone's name; 

Together, unknowingly, destined for fame! 

Once the snow came, it was off to Blue Hill. 

Here, Scituate and Notre Dame we wanted to 


When the lift was working, we'd ride to the 


If it wasn't, we'd get there with many a hop. 

Loudly, we'd cheer at the start for our team. 

Until we lost our toes, or so it would seem. 

Eventually, we all ripped through each gate 

And our scores at the bottom sealed our first 

place fate. 

But, after each meet, the underclassmen would 


"What will we do next year? Our ski team 

might stink!" 

But then, the racers realize that over the years 

they've been taught. 

After all, this group of seniors is amazing — 

they've helped them a lot! 

Tom was always able to put a smile on their 


And Jan showed then how to ski to first place. 

As she beat her sister, Erin's determination 

shone through. 

And Cara's great skill was instructive too. 

Leslie taught them how to best break their skis, 

And Jess, how to persevere through pain in the 


Meg always welcomed them with a smile. 

Even Reed was serious (for a little while). 

Always admirable was Nik's drive to perform, 

And Mike constantly demonstrated the perfect 


Thus, Hingham's ski team together gained the 


And oops! Each driving member received a 

ticket for speed. 

But we each learned new lessons and made 

new friends. 

Yet, alas, we face the very sad end. 

But at the end of the season, we all rejoice, 

Having realized that joining ski team was a 

very good choice! 

Reed Catlin 

Tom Preston 

Nikh Rau 

Jan Wellford 



The captains of the 
gymnastics team are 
Rory Johnson and 
Lauren Habeeb. 

Lauren's gymnas- 
tics expertise makes 
even this split seem 

Lauren Habeeb 


Let's just say that the gymnastics team the season. All the team's work paid off 
may not have been the most successful and they've gained the best record they 

team, but they have im- 
proved this year as a 
team and actually won a 
few meets. They had a 
lot of difficulty with in- 
juries in the beginning of 
the season, but all the 
girls came back strong in 
the mid-season. With 
new coaches this year. 

Easy does it! 

have had in years. Contri- 
butions from freshman 
Meg Peterson and Bron- 
wyn Riggs, sophomores 
Vanessa Baris and Liz 
Shorey, and Junior Laura 
Daubenspeck also had a lot 
to contribute to the team. 
With such strong under- 
classmen, the Gymnastics 

Patty Anderson and Melanie Langdon, team looks promising for success in the 

the team has been able to gain more dif- future. The team would like to thank 

ficulty in their routines. Captains Rory their coaches for helping the team im- 

Johnson and Lauren Habeeb helped the prove this year. Good luck next year! 
team keep up good attitudes throughout 

The under- 
show great 
promise for 
the future. 



Girls' Lacrosse 

The 1999 Hingham High School 
Girls' Lacrosse team was led by 
senior tri-captains Carla Gigon, 
Kelly Crowley , and 
Kate Zahner. 
Hingham returned 
ten varsity players 
from the 1998 semi- 
finalist teams and 
were aided by a lot 
of younger talent. 
The girls proved to 
be strong in their 
South Independent 
League, making the 
long trips to Nan- 
tucket and Martha's 
Vineyard. Hingham 
was led by offen- 
sive standouts Biff, 
Zahner, EWD and 
late night nookie. 

success was headed 
by defensive stars 
Kelly, Keeks, and Hot Lips, who 
were guided by Carla in goal. 

The girls had a lot of fun times 
and great memories: sleep overs, 
spaghetti dinners, fat shuttle, bus 
rides. Potty-mouth, and the 

infamous v-neck 
sports bra. The 
team thanks 
Sammy and Pierre 
for the bus ride 
Queer thing! 
The Girls' Lacrosse 
Team had a great 
season and a lot of 
fun in the process. 

The senior members 
of the 1999 
Hingham High 
School Lacrosse 
Team are: 
Capt. Kelly 

Capt. Carla Gigon 
Capt. Kate Zahner, 
Kathryn Clifford, 
Erin Devine, Lindsay Gallant, 
Caitlin McDonald, and Buseh 


Kathryn Clifford 

Kelly Crowley 

Erin Devine 

Lindsay Gallant 

Carla Gigon 

Caitlin McDonald 


Senior Lindsay 
Gallant is ready 
for the ball to be 
passed to her. 

Buseh Romania 


Reed Catlin 

Josh Corson 

Kevin Cough I'm 

Mike Driscoll 

Joe Griffin 

John Henesey 



The Hingham High School Boys' 
Lacrosse program has enjoyed 
many successes over the past 
three years. In 1996, 
the Lacrosse Team 
won the League 
title and earned a 
berth in the EMASS 
game. In 1997, the 
players won yet 
another League 
title. This year, with 
a solid core of 
seniors and return- 
ing starters, the 
Boys' Lacrosse team 
should challenge 
for yet another 
League title and a 
successful state 
tournament. The 
Boys' Lacrosse team 
would like to thank 
Mr. Santoro who 
taught so 

many of the players the funda- 
mentals of the game. The 
Hingham High School Boys' 
Lacrosse team looks forward to 
another exciting 
season in 1999. 
They have the focus 
and the drive to 
lead them to vic- 

The members of the 
1999 Hingham High 
School Boys' La- 
crosse Team are: 
Pat Kiernan, 
- ^ ^ Owen McKenna, 
|m llrl RyanOag, 

-^.lll I Ronny Vickers, 
Rob Bradley, 
Reed Catlin, 
Josh Corson, 
Joe Griffin, 
John Henesey, 
Pete Sternburg, 
Mike DriscoU, 
Colby Wilcox 

Pat Kiernan 

Owen McKenna 

Ryan Oag 

Pete Sternburg 

Ronny Vickers 

Colby Wilcox 


Boys' Tennis 

O ver the past three years the ten- one for the Hingham High Boys 
nis team has done well by quali- tennis team. The tennis coach Ron 
fying for the state tournament Bartells has done a good job 

each year, the team 
has also been seeded 
two of the three 
years. We have also 
enjoyed the ups and 
downs of playing 
matches. This year 
the tennis team 
hopes to keep that 
streak going by hav- 
ing many new tal- 
ented recruits. New 
freshmen, like Dan- 
ny "IceBox" Lee, 
only one of many 
new players trying 
out this year, are 
hopeful. With expe- 
rienced seniors like 

» \>^ WWW 

I « « k %> s . 


coaching. Thanks to 
him we have had a 
lot of successful 
matches and enjoy- 
able experiences. 

Quotes from sen- 

"\ don't need to say 
anything about ten- 
nis, it speaks for it- 
self." — Jarret B. 

"Well, at least the 
coach is gone." — 
Paul G. 

"It's been a fun ride 

John Indrisano (Captain), Jarret and good luck to those left be- 
Britt (Captain), and Paul Genshei- hind." — John I. 
mer, this year should be a good 

Pavd Gensheimer is 
working hard at 
practice, (right) 


Jarett Britt 

Paul Gensheimer 

John Indrisano 



Girls' Tennis 

The Hingham High School Girls' Varsity 
Tennis team, coached by Mrs. Sides, has 
enjoyed tremendous 
success in the past 
few years. The team 
was undefeated in the 

1997 season and was 
the Atlantic Coast 
League champ for 
both the 1997 and 

1998 seasons. The ^ 
past seasons have 
consisted of extremely long and hard 
practices, tons of food, bonding on the 
bus rides, and a lot of fun. (The team will 
make sure that the 1999 season is exactly 
the same.) Highlights of the past seasons 

include great success in the state tour- 
nament, hard fought victories over arch 

rival Duxbury, and 

entertainment from a 

singing banana for 

Mrs. Sides' birthday. 

This year looks very 

promising as the 

team will be led by 

tri-captains Ashley 

Engel, Caitlin Fahey, 

and Britt Lacy, along 

with returning seniors Emily Goldin and 

Captains Britt Lacy and 
Maggie Kirkendall. The five seniors wish Caitlin Fahey are to win 

another tennis match. 
the HHS Girls' Tennis team the best of (above) 

luck in the future! 

Ashley Engel 

Caitlin Fahey 

Emily Goldin 

Maggie Kirkendall 

Britton Lacy 

Britt and Courtne' 


joy the 1998 Tennis banquet. 

The members of the 1998 Varsity Girls' Tennis Team. 



1 he Harbormen Baseball Team en- 
joyed another successful season 
this past year. The team played to 
a 14-6 regular season record and a 
berth in tne Division II State Tour- 
nament. In the first 
round game versus 
King Philip regional 
school, the Harbor- 
men were defeated 
5-4, it was a heart- 
breaking loss, de- 
spite a great team ef- 
fort. Trailing 4-3 in 
the seventh inning, 
senior captain Jamie 
Harrison stepped to 
the plate. With a man 
on ne drove a 1-0 
pitch deep down the 
left field line for an 
apparent game win- 
ning homer to put 
the team into the sec- 
ond round. Howev- 
er, the umpire saw 
the play differently 
and called the play 
foul! While all the 
players and fans 
stood in disbelief, the 
next two outs were 
recorded and the Harbormen were 
sent home with a loss. 

Leading the Harbormen last year 
were Captain Jamie Harrison, Ryan 
McDonough, and Brian Sliney. De- 

spite losing eleven seniors to grad- 
uation the team still looks to be a 
force in the newly formed Patriot 
League. The team returns five start- 
ers including: Tim Sweeney, who 
led the team with a 
.517 average and was 
named to the Atlan- 
tic Coast League All 
Star team for his ef- 
forts as a shortstop. 
Sam Devito, who led 
the Atlantic Coast 
League with a 1.21 
ERA on the mound, 
as well as providing 
power at the plate. 
Mike Bizzozero, who 
showed a great glove 
in covering the out- 
field, as well as pro- 
viding many clutch 
hits last season. Der- 
rick Smith did a re- 
markable job in his 
first season ever as 
catcher. "Hog" also 
led the team in hom- 
eruns with three. 

With a great new 
coach stepping in to 
replace longtime 
Head Coach John Garrigan, who 
heads to retirement, the team 
should not miss a beat as great 
things will be expected in 1999. 

Mike Bizzozero 

Mike Cornell 

Sam Devito 

Josh Gay 

Kris Lundberg 

Derrick Smith 


Josh Gay and Mike 
Cornell are nervous 
about the upcoming 
game, (far left) 

Derrick Smith takes 
some practice 
swings before he 
goes to bat. (left) 

Mike Cornell looks ready to 
round the bases. 

They're not just teammates, but great friends. The memories from the baseball 
seasons will stay with the players for ever. 

Tom Yeo 




Emily Melia looks ready to strike out another batter, (above, left) 

The team has a quick pep talk before the game, (above, center) 

Lisa Arnold gets ready to hit another homer, (above, right) 


Liz, Lisa and Jess are great friends on and off the softball field. 



The Hingham High School 
Softball team had a great 1998 
spring season. The team played 
hard and was 
rewarded with 
excellent results. 
The varsity team 
lost a lot of good 
players but they 
have the ambition 
to make 1999 an- 
other great season. 
Captain Emily 
Melia will lead the 
team with a strong 
group of seniors 
including Lisa 
Arnold, Liz Caputo, 
and Jess Nermoe. 
Together they will 
try to make it to the 
playoffs this spring. 
With only five 
returning players, 
the team will be 
young but strong. It 
wiU be a fun exciting and com- 
petitive season. Over the past 

four years the seniors have had 
fun together playing in the sum- 
mer and in previous seasons. 
There are lots of good memories 
from past junior 
varsity and varsity 
years. The seniors 
wish past, present, 
and future softball 
team members 
good luck in college 
and in future sea- 
sons. Seniors on the 
Hingham High 
School Softball team 
this year are: 
Capt. Emily Melia 
Lisa Arnold 
Liz Caputo 
Jessica Nermoe 

Senior Liz Caputo 
looks ready to hit the 
ball out of the park 
during one of the teams 
games, (left) 

The Softball team has the energy 
and drive to make the 1999 sea- 
son fun and exciting. 

Lisa Arnold 

Liz Caputo 






Emily Melia 

Jessica Nermoe 



JriHS Golf Team is above par in agement and support to all under- 
the sports category! With inspir- classmen throughout the season. 

ing and supportive 
coach Jack Curran 
leading the team 
through very in- 
tense schedules, the 
Harbormen have 
stood strong. 
Through the past 
four years, the Har- 
bormen have had 
good showings in 
both the regular sea- 
sons and the infa- 
mous state tourna- 

HHS golf team 
members continue 
improving their 
games through the 
off season by taking 
part, and winning, 
local and statewide 
tournaments, and 
will continue to do 
so long after their 
Harbormen days are 

Senior members 
of the golf team are 
Kristen Buckley, Ni- 

Seniors are the leaders on and cole Cavallo, Jeff Humphrey and 
off the course providing encour- Chris Pollara. 

Nicole, Chris and Kristen get close before a golf 

Kristen Buckley 

Nicole Cavallo 

Jeff Humphrey 

Chris Pollara 






Senior members of the Golf team: (Clockwise from top left) Jeff Humphrey, Chris Pollara, 
Nicole Cavallo, Kristen Buckley. 

rhe members of the 
1997 Hingham High 
school Golf team. 


Mt. Bike Club 

The mountain biking team looks rough and tough 
when they practice. 

Senior Leslie Fernandes coasts through the woods 
during practice. 

The team takes a break from their cycling to pose for the camera. 


A long, long time ago (four years to 
be exact), three freshmen and an up- 
perclassman started the HHS moun- 
tain bike club. Under the expertise of 
K.C. Kopper, the three freshmen: Jon 
Conway, Tom Preston, and Nikhiel 
Rau began their adventure into the 
world of off-road riding. Mountain 
biking is a sport that summons one's 
skill, endurance, strength and, at 
times, sheer determination. This 
sport used to consist of your average 
run of the mill bike, 
and atop this you 
could find a gear- 
head whose diet 
would consist of 
mud, dirt, and 
small furry animals 
due to his/her oc- 
casional endo. (An 
endo occurs when 
at the back of your 
bike comes up with 
the front still on the 
ground to the point 
that it launches the 
rider over the han- 
dlebar.) But this 
class of rider is hard 
to find. These days 
bikes are made of 
very strong and 
light materials such 
as aluminum, be- 
ryllium, carbon fi- 
ber, and titanium. 
In the saddle (or seat) a rider is greet- 
ed by a myriad of controls at your 
finger tips which consist of up to 24 
speed, powerful vee-brakes and 
shock absorber adjustments. With 
this top of the line equipment all they 

needed to do was put a skilled rider 
on a bike. As the years passed, more 
and more joined our club, such as av- 
id biker Leslie Fernandes. It wasn't 
long before we were winning our 
first races. Our sophomore year Jon, 
Tom, and Nik won the Second Start 
Enduro race in New Hampshire. 
Many other riders went on to win in- 
dividual races. The club meets twice 
a week in Wompatuck State Park and 
practice consists of a 10 to 15 mile 
ride on various ter- 
rain, from fire- 
roads to steep, 
rocky slopes. The 
club is active in the 
fall and spring but 
we encourage year- 
round riding. In 
our senior year we 
had the pleasure of 
riding with one of 
Belgium's best, 
Koen Braspen- 
ninchx (AFS stu- 
dent, pronunciation 
of last name option- 
al.) We all had an 
enjoyable 4 years in 
the club despite oc- 
casional "gurns" 
(an injury charac- 
terized by a chunk 
of flesh being forci- 
bly removed by a 
part of the bike or 
ground during a crash or momentary 
lapse of coordination.) Thanks to all 
who were in the club for riding hard 
and putting in your share of time in 
keeping Wompatuck's trail in good 
shape. Happy trails!! 

Koen Braspenninchx 

Jon Conway 

Leslie Fernandes 

Tom Preston 

Nikhiel Rau 



The Hingham High School Sailing 
Team finished their 1998 season in 
good standing. They were unde- 
feated in their regular season and in 
the sail off competition. To add to 
the Sailing Team record, they took 
sixth place at MIT in the 
Massachsetts High School State 
Championship. Hingham was the 
highest placing pubUc school at this 
event. This is rather impressive 
because the private school sailing 
teams recieve full funding, including 
a paid coach. The Hingham Team is 
responsible for all of its own fund- 
ing and is coached by a volunteer. 
Aside from their competitive racing, 
many students find enjoyment 
simply in going for a sail after 
school. The Sailing Team practices 
two to three times a week at Com- 
munity Boating in Boston. Most of 
the members don't mind the long 

commute because it usually involves 
a quick snack stop at a nearby 
convinience store before getting 
back on the MBTA. They would like 
to thank Coach Tom Knowlton and 
congratulate Claire Peterson and Co- 
Captain Taylor O'Neil. Good luck to 
the new coach. Ken Corbett, and the 
future teams. 

The Captains are senior Taylor 
O'Neil and junior Jordan Smith. 

The team sets sail for practice, (right) 

Claire and Mark get ready to start a race, (above) 

Taylor checks the rigging on the sails before she 

takes off. (right) 

Taylor O'Neil 

Claire Peterson 



The team and the infamous "Pilot Gig" (above). 
Sarah and EUzabeth sitting on the pier (below). 
T.P.? D.W. S.H. E.S. R.H. and C.B. (below right). 

TEAMWORK is the ability to work 
together toward a common vision. 
The ability to direct individual ac- 
complishment toward organiza- 
tional objectives. It is the fuel that 
allows common people to attain 
uncommon results. 

CREW (kru) n. 1. A sport practiced 
in rowing boats where the partici- 
pants will run to practice and 
spend one to two hours sitting on 
a hard wooden seat and pull on 
oars to such a level as to cause their 
bodies to go into oxygen debt, re- 
sulting in the formation of latic ac- 
id in their blood, which causes 
great pain and discomfort. This 
fun is conducted under the de- 
monic supervision of a person 
called a "coach" with the help of 
his trained servant named "cox- 
Ah, crew. The good old days at 

Hull Gut. Peddocks and Georges 
Island games. Prince's head, old 
school crew. Remember Lory, Ed, 
Corrine, Mario, John, Jack, Reuben 
and let's not forget Davy and Em- 
ma. The attic and erging on the 
deck. The hills of Hull Village. The 
old crew E.H., T.P., E.S., S.H., C.B., 
AT., B.M., R.H., P.M., B.K., J.D., 
N.V., N.L., O.M., K.M. and M.D. 
And to the new ones D.W. and 
R.H. "TBF", you guys are awe- 
some. Congrats! Hingham kicks 
butt in the nautical. We love Hull 
and Maine. "Let's bring it up for a 
power, ummm, 72!". Singing in 
the rain. BU Crew must not be for- 
gotten: "Harvard crew wrong side 
of the river", erg relays, the BU 
bridge, flipping doubles. Water 
fights. Battle of the sexes (ya girls!). 
Icebreaker '97 and '98. Coastguard 
and Pemberton Point. Thanks 

Cristina Broker 

Sarah Hamel 

Rosamund Healey 

Tom Preston 

Elizabeth Sinclair 

Drew Wilkins 



m^ m m 

T he faculty are the unsung heroes 
of Hingham High School. When 
we graduate, we will not simply re- 
member the hall- 
ways of HHS, but 
the teachers and 
who have made 
these four years 
most memorable. 
Whether it was 
that teacher who 
stayed after school 
with you every 
day for extra help, 
or the custodian 
who cleaned up 
after you at lunch 
day after day, re- 
member all that 
they did for you at 
Hingham High School. 

But the faculty, like the students, 
aren't "all work" themselves ... no 
one will forget "Kiss a Fish" where 
Baisden enjoyed making Mrs. Sil- 
va. Dr. Lincoln, and Mr. Garland 

kiss a dead fish at the Homecoming 
pep rally. And Ms. Nutter's crazy 
Halloween and holiday outfits 
won't be leaving 
our memories in 
the near future. 

We will not sim- 
ply remember our 
teachers for the 
terrible calculus 
exams they gave 
us, or the term 
projects they gave 
us right before our 
college applica- 
tions were due. 
We will remember 
them for making 
us laugh when we 
were stressed, and 
for the greatest gift 
that could ever be given to us . . . 
knowledge. So teachers, adminis- 
tration, and the rest of the faculty, 
we thank you for giving us such a 
great four years. 


Mr. Thaxter uses his computer expertise to help Jes 
and Kellv in the IMC. 


)o you think that Ms. Marvel knew that her picture was 
leing taken? 

The custodians help make HHS safe for the stu- 
dents. Thanks custodians. 


Peter Bailey 
Social Studies 

Stephen Baisden 

William Barges 
Athletic Director 

Pam Bass 

Barbara Berlucchi 

Gerald Bliss 

Mary Boddie 
Industrial Technology 

Roger Boddie 
Graphic Arts 

Marcia Boyer 

Kathleen Campbell 

Mary Breen 

Paul Cappers 



Dennis Clinton 
Physical Education 

Daniel Clune 

Lisa Collins 

Donna Conroy 

Brad Cooley 
Teacher Assist. 

Jack Crowley 

Elaine Cunniff 

Jack Curran 
Social Studies 

Charles Dirk 

Michael Doherty 

Michael Donnell 
Assistant Principal 

Paul Donovan 
Special Needs 


Kathleen Dubrovsky 

Janet Duffy 

Andrea Dunlap 
Teacher Assist. 

Jane Ellis 

Joan Fee 
Teacher Assist. 

Annmarie Fennelly 

Charles Finn 

Barbara Finnegan 

Lyne Flaherty 

Paula Flanagan 


["MiiiiMMii i "iiiin 


Dorothy Galo 
Math & Science 

Russell Garland 



Charles Geary 

Iris Gillard 
Social Studies 

Meredith Gordon 
Physical Education 

Deborah Gregory 
Computer Specialist 

Joan Grimm 

Nancy Gustafson 

Linda Hanley 

James Haviland 

Brian Heffernan 
Special Education 

John Higgins 

Jennifer Henriksen 

Douglas HoUey 


Margaret Iser 
Teacher Assist. 

Fred Jewett 

Barbara Johnson 
Teacher Assist. 

Jack Kennedy 
Physical Education 

James Kirkcaldy 
Social Studies 

Sandra Knowlton 
Teacher Assist. 

Erin Krall 

David Lacatell 
Social Studies 

William Larson 

Anne Leahy 
Teacher Assist. 

Richard Lawrence 
Industrial Technology 

Claudia Leone 


Peter Lincoln 
Assistant Principal 

Suzanne Lincoln 
Family & Cons. Sci. 

Joan Linnehan 
Special Education 

Craig Low 

Susan Luce 

Richard MacLeod 

Lee Magnarelli 

Mary Mahoney 
Construction Manager 

Paul Manganello 

Jackie Marvel 

Linda Mazzella 

Judy Mitchell 





A m^sfmm' 

Patricia Muldoon 
Teacher Assist. 

Michael Mulry 

Greg Nevader 

Elizabeth Noren 

Cynthia Noyes 
Lav. Supervision 

Gale Nutter 
Family & Cons. Sci. 


Carole O'Connell 
Teacher Assist. 


Steven Olson 

John Penny 

Tamara Perelman 
Social Studies 


Mariah Pfeiffer 
Special Education 

Richmond Poole 

Anna Rehnquist 

Judith Rielly 
World Language 

Martha Robinson 


Virginia Roche 
Teacher Assist. 

Camilla Roundtree 
Metco Coordinator 

Elizabeth Ruggiero 
Special Education 

Douglas Ryan 

Donna Scampoli 
Teacher Assist. 

Joseph Ryan 
Industrial Technology 

Edward Schreider 
Social Studies 


Diana Sides 

Helaine Silva 

Jayne Skinner 

Roy Smith 

Rose Stratford 

Stephen Swett 
Social Studies 

Schuyler P. Thaxter 

Patricia Tiemey 

Patricia Tomecek 

Eileen Walsh 

Cathleen Walsh 
Family & Cons. Sci. 

Douglas Wauchope 

\~kH m<nr>«/J nunc* 


Mary Jane Weber 
Teacher Assist. 

Joan Williams 
In School Suspen. 

Maria Tavano, Linda Ford, Eleanor Goldsmith, Maria Aiello, Sandy Welch, 
Donna Casagrande, Candida Barbuto, Rosemary Shaughnessy 

Mark Worden 

Colleen Worrell 
Social Studies 

h !/'( 



i nf-i 

IT '11 

tr '-^ 

John Callahan, Don Cambell, Ernest Olson, Roger Wheeler, Lawrence Babcock 



Julia C. and Erin O. take a break at the yearbook club Rosamund and Cristina are ready for the walk 
photo shoot. home. 

Libby M. and Mrs. Breen take a minute to smile for the camera during an after school chat 


Tyson S. shows off his I lalloween coshime next to his inspiration Mr. Swett 

A fter four long years, we 
are seniors at last! We are 
the last seniors to graduate 
in May. We are the few 
who will remember Hingh- 
am High 
School before 
the great con- 
struction. We 
were the last 
class to grad- 
uate from 
Hingham Jun- 
ior High. And 
we are the last 
class of the 
twentieth Cen- 

We started 
out as young 
children, merg- 
ing from Fos- 
ter, Plymouth 
River, South, 
and other parts 
of the country (or world) 
and becoming one class — 
Hingham High School's 
class of Nineteen Hundred 
and Ninety Nine. In Junior 
High we established our- 

selves as individual people, 
but sharing a common de- 
nominator. We would walk 
together on that final day of 
graduation, and prepare 
ourselves for 
the rest of our 

As fresh- 
man, we were 
smaller, and 
more naive 
than the sen- 
iors. It seemed 
as though we 
would never 
reach that day 
when we 
would be the 
ones preparing 
to graduate. 
And now we 

So, seniors, 
stand proud as 
the last class of the millen- 
ium, and know that we will 
always have a special place 
at Hingham High School. 
And wait as the countdown 
continues . . . 


Back in the Day. . . 

Whether bom in the year of the monkey auguration of President Ronald Reagan. 
(1980) or in the year of the rooster (1981) An unknown disease was finally diag- 

each member of the 
Class of 1999 was 
born during a time 
that will stand out in 
history books forever. 
Seniors bom in 1980 
were just in time to 
see Jimmy Carter's 
last year as President. 
1980 saw the death of 


Buseh Romania 

nosed as AIDS, and a 
technological break- 
through called the In- 
ternet was first intro- 
duced to the Ameri- 
can people. Pink 
Floyd and the Eagles 
topped the Billboard 
charts. And eighteen 
years later, as the 

musical icon John Lennon, and the start Class of 1999 prepares to graduate, we see 

of the computer craze that would bring that the times have changed greatly, but 

us into the twenty-first century. Those we, once children, have grown with the 

bom in 1981 were alive to witness the in- times. 








h ii 



Lauren M. 







^K'^ ^ 







• v""*^ 














Courtney Allen 

2 1 Pioneer Rd 
"You might faint from the fight but 
you're gonna find it. For every 
challenge could have a paradise behind 
it."-BT Thanks CS JC KL AM KS JW 
RB DS for making it fun. Remember: 
Summer fun club, Truro, Canobie, 
La Mantequilla, MB20, Bickford's, 
Pastafests, XC+Track MACCKK 
Posse, John's house. Thanks Mom, 
Dad, and Katie. 1 love you. 

Graham Allen 

Jillian Amonte 

64 Bonnie Briar Circle 
"You never really leave a place or 
person you love,part of them you take 
with you, leaving a part of yourself 
behind" To my buds Cara-Lizzi-BFFL 
Milby-Wowu thanx 4 the good times. 
Woods Hags BCH YC Capm's OKK 
New Years 96(THCHP) Jr Prom-is 
that Marianne? C-Taurus Volvo DASB 
Swampy GL Bigsby Than.x 4 
everything Mom Dad John 

Lisa Arnold 

2 Monument Circle 
"Heres to good byes that are never 
spoken heres to friendships that are 
never broken" 0KK2 Nantasket 
Dasbwthe Girls Dunkies Sues Houses 
YClub Mattshouse FullMonty Disney9^ 
Hang over Thomsinmybutt. JNJM I luv 
uguys Birdalways my best GoodLuck 
BSEJJPRL Bren Iluvu 4ever Crusin4 
guys MomDad you are the best ILY . 
4ever Brue&Lyn Iluv u! 

Michael Banks 

Alexander Barnes 

Cornelia Bayard 

Alan B. Belmore 

Banksie, Spankie 



23 Hemlock Road 


75 Hersey Street 

Hartford with Yeo, Montreal w/S+S+ 

I'm an exchange student from 

To Mom I'll see u when 1 get there Love 

Aub. Atlanta96,Gomez's House WTF!! 


u and we think of u always! The H.S.P. 

Aubs/Dump,Central, Jarrett,POPmart, 

and the rest Tim Sam Aub MB T Rin JB 

JoeN;you're a weirdo too! Aubray,Ron 

Hingham is a nice place! 

JN CS EM LW and Wendy thanks for 

Chris S=spaceball,BM,Tim,Sam,Alan= 

being there TAHOE Dump Jr Prom 

WC buds,Mike C,AMD,B's,UZOS+FS. 

KA's RON'S Aub's Sween's96 

Thanks to my fam,Mom,Dad,J,L,K,L,T. 

Bahamas Sum'98 I HATE U ALL 

Cali.Had a blast"Look I gotta go, yeah 

EQUALLY TO the FAM Hec+kay Beth 

I'm runnin' outa change, there's a lot of 

Cousin Jess MOM DAD +Christin 1 

things if I could rearrange" 

Love all of u Hockey isn't fun Shows 
over I'm out 


Michael Bizzozero 

Bizz, Bizzach 
1 15 Merrymount Road 
The secret at contentment is the 
ealization that life is a gift, not a right." 
"hanks to my family and friends for all 
le support and the good times 
iroughout my years at HHS. Same as it 
ver was Zhenkai, CC trips, B-pong, 
vSI8BC,ABCC,Rec,cruch's and old 
chool fun on the weekends. 

Hilary A. Blowers 

174 North Street 
"Happiness isn't getting what you want 
it's wanting what you've got"-GB 
Brenholes basement, Zhenka Night-Alfest 
98,Girls Sleepovers-snowbound, SKIDS- 
NY E9 8, Saranac-YL, A BCC- Bagel 
97-98, Pat,Liz,Maggie, John,Bren,Kel,and 
all my friends ILY + GL Mom,Dad,Sarah 
and Alyssa 1 owe everything to you 
ILYGood Luck Class of 1999 

Mark Bologna 

8 Patriots Way 
"It's been such a long time I think 1 
should be going' Cross Country-Pasta 
fests-Shakn' bakes Franklin Park. 
Wrestling sectionals ACL Champs DD 
spring track-Herrmann Burke Ryan. DP 
CP CB JC MH Thanks for everything 
HHS! Fam-thanks for everything 

Joseph Boyle 

22 Westmoreland Road 
CHAKAN, Way to go! Tacos Fizzball, 
Bowl-a-Wey, The forts. Bond. Boredom 
Enterprises, NSCRA. Kelli-You'rc a 
dream come true. I'll never forget you. 
Eric- Best friend for 10 years, thank you 
for everything you've done. Thanks- 
CW,Mr.B,Paul D,IVlr.H, Portfolio. 
"...When it's said and done I'll look 
back on friends like you." 

Robert Bradley 

89 Fearing Road 
"ampsight 54 Colby's July 4th 96 to 99 
am 1 going to get stuck like this To my 
I'll be falling off counters Jim have 
another bagel To Lizzie I will always 
remember you Me llamo Bradley 1 4 3 
Jasmine and Pochahontas to my family 
and friends thanks I will remember you 

Richard Brady 

Rich, Ratchet 
16 FottlerRoad 
"A man who forgets will be destined to 
remember" Flounder lives on. down 
Horsemen Snakes Snuffy Burger Don't 
fear the reaper 53 MI CA Jdogg Bwaa 
Hehh oughhoho NY PJ NYEVE98 3 1 1 
RR eggin Snuffys pit you're all on the 
list Omni Aveni Massa DC-STA Jen 
since 10595 I love you thanx 4 
everything Thanx Mom+Dad Good luck 

Koen Braspenninckx 

Peter Breen 


Jacquelyn Elizabeth Briggs 

96 Prospect Street 
"Yesterday is already a dream, and 
tomorrow is only a vision, but today 
well lived, makes every yesterday a 
dream of happiness, and every 
tomorrow a vision of hope." Field 
Hockey crew,thanx Sum'97-Rocks- 
GW,OKK,+ SH drivebyes. Thanks 
to all my friends for being there-csp 
Buseh,Sue,+Jess. Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Grammie+Bippy. -1 luv u. 
Good luck Jen! 

Jarrett Britt 

648 Main Street 
"Graduation is the first day of the rest of 
our lives. After that, we can start 

Farewell to the friends 1 made, and even 
to the friends 1 didn't make. 
Good-Bye to T.Y, R.G. M.B, J.N, C.S, 
M.C, S.D, T.S, A.B, A.F and even K.A. 
It's been real! 

Cristina Teresa Broker 

15 Barnes Road 
"Be true to yourself and you will never 
fair'Remember the good times. Crew- 
S.H,T.P,E.S,J.D HLM BU.Rosie- 
Summer(a MIT.PBX/Sidneys J.T- 
Bababoom!Orch/Band trips.NAVY, 
VA. cruising. Greyegg. road trip MV 
Emmy&folk. Island fun bowling night 
RAMMING SPEED!! "If there is no 
wind,row"-Latin Proverb. Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Annette, I love u guys! Good 
luck&Thanks Class 99' 

Bianca Buccitelli 

20 Tower Brook Rd. 
"Tread softly because you tread on my 
dreams. "-Yeats. 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Anthony, and 
Nicole. 1 love you. 

To Adrianne, Katie, Francesca, Mitzi, 
and Sarah:"We are standing in the storq 
of our own being. "-Ventura. 
Good luck. Remember. 1 

Craig Buckley 

Buck, Viper 
14 Stagecoach Road 
"Set your goals, don't be afraid of 
success, or it will never find you." 
wrestling, football, captains, RJ,AS,DP, 
BW,Haviland9, BH,CB, B,C,E,98 
Tuffies, Al Fest 1,11? Nationals, Zenka 
"same as it ever was" HOP the Bro 
Hobart, Bizz, 20-0-1 DC, Goz Thanks to 
Dan for getting me started Also thanks 
to my Mom and Dad for all the help. 

Kristen Buckley 

7 Bradford Road 
Life's a beach! Thanks for all of the 
great memories:MV'98 FR"97 IRE'96 
Girls Nites Em's House WIP TK&l 
Driving Yale'98 Powderpuff B-Ball 
Golf ICrazy4U'98 MyTime BWS 
DPWLAP CORE-lluvu Keeks-We're 
gonna make it big! Ur the best! Thanks 
for everything Mr. H Mr. G Ms.B 
Mrs.R lluvu Mom Dad! Steve-ur my 
sunshine! 1999-Together we lit up 
the world!! 

Richard E. Buckman 

Elmo, Gumby, Ricardo, Buckmanarez 
35 Smith Road 
are really low,and they overflow with 
cotton candy and Battle grounds. red and 
brown, But it's all in your mind, and 
don't waste your time thinkin bout bad 
things just tloat your little mind round- 
Jimi "Big Brother is watching you" 
Come on baby light my fire. know 
we couldn't get much higher-Doors Eat 
people, not animals 

Aaron Burnaby 

20 Mill Lane 
If life's a game I'm here to play And nc 
one can stop me from playing my way 
And I might smoke along the way And 
that's my choice to make okay Because 
it's my life to live And in this game the 
rules always change everyday And 
every place that life and luck will take 


Elizabeth Caputo 

204 New Bridge 
Time is the beauty of the road being 
ong"-BT Thnx2allmyfriends-what 
A'ould I have done w/out you?Brenhole 
i Tait thnxHil+Mag-3Amigos Fril3 
3rensSP Prom97 ABCC HD(MKSPKC) 
9kids girls night out/sleepovers 
3MBGrtWds97 Zhenka Alfest98 
• -IMnty h+s WagLW LLCooiJ Captiva/ 
I "lemson DsAV97 1G3 Hil-siamese 
I :wins(smiie) John-thanks for the 
I nemories MomDadKatieMike- 
I :hnx4everything Laur-we made it 

Jennifer Carberry 

Jen, Jenny 
1 Winfield Road 
"When making your choice in life, don't 
neglect to live" RB CA JW DS MI CM 
KL Scituate girls SA Truro Kiawah 
JrProm 3yrs M20 BNL Canobie 10/5 
Johns Red Sox MV TBird Omni 
Goldenrod ignant house of CP Chilis 
Parrot Massa Church 4th July Rich-3yrs 
+ strong I'll love you always. Thanks for 
being there. Thanks Mom, Dad, fam- 
Best of luck Shawn + Mattie 

Gala Catalano 

1 7 Woodbridge Road 
"This is not the end. It's not even the 
beginning of the end. But it is perhaps 
the end of the beginning. "TX-IK JF JD 
Almans98-MS Princess-BZ Phish95-99 
Endol/98 July3 Flashing Lights? 
Driving-EG Kris-"Yesterday was the 
beginning, tomorrow is the end + 
somewhere in the middle, we became 
the best of friends." Mom,Dad,Drea-I 
Love You! 

Reed Catlin 

241 Central Street 
"1 am recognizing that the voice inside 
my head is urging me to be myself and 
never follow someone else, because 
opinions are like voices we all have our 
different kinds so just clean out all ya 
ears,these are my views and you will find 
that..."(ATCQ)-Thanks to my fam, 
Sum98atAndrew's,ABomb, rocks 
historycomer,FBall,Brit+everyone else 

Nicole E. Cavallo 

149 Prospect Street 
"A dream is a wish your heart makes"- 
Cinderella Thx to girls+guys of 99 
Fieldhockey/Golf buddies TCBY Team 
Rockbridge'97 Willy/Marji stories 
Pats{a;Em's Waterboy!WDW'99-Thx 
girlsZhenkanight97/Al-fest98 Chorus 
trips "Two worst. ..""We're not 
friends!" JrProm"AE+MK;A lifetimes 
not 2 long 2 live as friends"Princess!GL 
Jenna Thx Mom+Dad;MM+Z GL class 
of 1999 

Julia Lee Chiappetta 

Juls, Chi 
45 Volusia Road 
"A friend is someone who 
understands your past, believes in 
your future and accepts you 
today,just the way you are." 
Swing, Camping, Prom Queens, JLC, 
Bridges, S.R. 5/1/96, Bubba, Getting 
Lost w/Roche+Erin O, Bla,Bla,Bla 
Summer98.DD, Miss Thang, Natick, 
My stuffed pig,ILY KO,EB,LW,RD, 
you Grammie. Mom,Dad+Grandma,You 
Mean the World to Me. 

Meghan Childs 

Megs, Meg 
104 Wompatuck Road 
"Don't cry because it's over,smile 
because it happened" Maggie, MegG, 
DCV,Dunkies, 1 1 94ever, 1 4Main,Phish97, 
Easter's, NYCTrip, Dancing, Minigolf, 
Mackage,Nannylaugh, Sublime, Randolf, 
Goosin'It.FC ThanxMom+DadGood 
hardtoleavcandimpossibletoforget" U 

Scot Chisholm 

1 3 Fairview Street 
"Some people walk into our lives, leave 
footprints in our hearts, and we are are 
are never the same again"(DM) KC CB 
PS DT BH MT CF,Titan Night. 
Speedstr,?D's?,Cedr NH,MDC. 
1 2:00Run.HmCming96,CB's Porch.AM 
Thanks for all of the support Mom. Dad, 

zz^^^=^= 137 

Tanya Lynn Cioffari 

4 Chatham Circle 
It's been fun! Thanx to all my friends 
and family for being there in times of 
good and bad. Remember all the good 
times. Cheering, Ryan's house,Christy's 
basement, freshman years smokin 
bathroom, Lunch with Leeanne. Thanx 
Mom for helping me through high 
school. Thanx Brian for being the best 
boyfriend ever 1 Luv YOU! School wuz 
fun! We're finally out. 

Kathryn Jean Clifford 

295 Cushing Street 
"What lies before us and what lies 
behind us are tiny matters compared to 
what lies within us." FH+Lax girls 
you're the best!Shoot Coach, man voice, 
the birds, HinlDYO,Burb-death trip. "Is 
that trash?"AGG,H-Day(food),JH- 
Driveby, a-girl,p-princess,w-track, 
c-trips,MM"Good morning" SP-too 
much to say! Thanks to Meg,Mom,Dad- 
I love you! Good Luck Class of 1999! 

Kelle Jean Clinton 

Kel, Singapore 

108 East Street 
"Life is a scene of hellos and 
goodbyes, now I'm afraid of saying 
goodbye again" KHD'RJIVIMHFMCIVI 
CCPSexy 14 Drama Trips 119 4- 
ever Summer'98 DMB Penske 
winter st Phish Trips Allmans Bickies 
Way to go! spittin' seeds Canobie 26 T/ 
TH CP/lVllVlCoyotes? Pink Floyd 
Slampig nickel? Skankin' in the pits 
Thanx mom+dad GL TV. Thanx 4 the 
I'm outie 

Kathryn Cohen 

109 Weir Street 
CristinaB;143 forever. Remember: 
SteveIVliller4/3/98,Booml 1/14/98, 
Rage8/21/98,DMB8/31/98,A11 The Days 
With Buddy(4:20),RoIIsRoyces, 
SpecialK(Does Magical Things). TO 
MY PARENTS: Love Always Forever. 

Theresa Condito 

29 Hemlock Road 
"In all our searching, the only thing 
we've found that makes the emptiness 
bearable is each other." kl,mm,mk,kp, 
cw,cm,mt,mg,pg,jw,jn:love y'alUStay 
strong and don't forget me. Mom + Dad: 
thanks for everything. As for the rest of 
Hingham, Thanks For Nothing. 

Kristen Danielle Conkey 

107 Nokomis Road 
"A wise man sees as much as he ought, 
not as much as he can" To calder,LG,CS 
JN,VL + anyone else who helped make 
HHS fun,Thnx,I love you alllRemember 
nights at JN's, Friday's, wooden spoon, 
12/l9/97,3/l/98,Summer'98, and much 
more! Thnx Mom, Dad, Walt,Kim,+ the 
rest of the fam 4 all your support. I love 
you! Good Luck Walt + Kim!Good 
Luck Class of '99! 

Jon Conway 

37 Lyndon Road 
Thanks to new friends and old friends, 
through good times and bad. And a 
special thanks to Mom and Dad and 
even Mike too. It's been a hard and fun 
12 years, how we did it, I'll never know. 
Can it really go that fast?Yes,yes it can. 
R+WBMW1062002.Never slow down, 
always live life in the fast lane,and have 
fun,cuz if you ain't havin fun, you ain't 
livin life 

Michael Cornell 

54 High Street 
"Every man dies,but not every man 
lives"-William Wallace 
PA,DS,KC,KH "Same As I Ever Was" 
HOP Dump Runs,ManVoice,Stinky 
Cheese Man,Frenchy's Woods, Da 
Brothers, Nevtruck. Tons O' Fun, Busted 
in NH.The space Magnum,4 straight for 
CP, Dead at 26 Peace to my Thayer 
Pals,Summer of '98 JUBB'98 Thanks I 
Mom, Dad, Betsy 


Joshua G. Corson 

17 Isaac Sprague Drive 
»Vinning isn't everything, it's the only 
ing.'V.Lombardi Live Free or 
ie.Hingham High Football,HHS LAX 
!| Dwer Club, Lynch Meb, Rocks, Canada, 
;! )/13/97 ERL 2/14/98 You're the Best 
i cod Luck.Ramones,U2,Metalica, 
I erosmith, Puffy, Langlee,TSl,LSC 
I hanks to all my friends. Thank you 
I lom,Dad and Nana You made it 
j jppen.Good luck Ken,Matt and 
ndrew work hard! 

Patrick Cotter 

Guda, Coots, Iceman, Marky Mark 
20 Bulow Road 
"Sweet songs of youth;the wise, the 
meeting of all wisdom-to believe in the 
good in man. "-Football 9-12 Bemie's 
Lawn & the Entire Crew. Thanks to my 
family and friends. Good Luck Guys!- 
"But coach, my number is 27! " 

Kevin D. Coughlin 

3 1 Myers Farm Road 
"For a moment this good time would 
never end "(DM) Thanks everyone for all 
the good times: Titan night, Speedstr, 
Buzzkill,FHills,E3,?D's?,CB's Porch, 
1 7HrDay,BSB,Al-Fest,Cedr-NH,Hts, 
KKBD,Bren's SP,LN, C'bs.lz:ooRun, 
Canada,PS's,UNH,UA Grls,Soccer, 
Lax 18. It's our turn! Thanks M+D for all 
the support Good Luck A+M 

Kelly Crowley 

34 Simmons Road 
"Every new beginning starts with some 
other beginning's end"Thx to all my 
friends esp LJCollEwdkbCMjk+Kev- 
UR the Best!CPCP MV97 5stop FH+ 
LAXcrew-UuvyalBurb PH DMB 
Saranac Summer96 MRC Full Monty 
core hadio April swim-PoUog Waterville 
Grlssleepovers MDMJ+Granma-Iluvya! 
"Don't cry because it's over, smile 
because it was so great! " Good Luck 

Christopher Curtis 

66 Whitcomb Avenue 
's been real, its been nice, but it hasn't 
een real nice. 

David P. Dawson 

47 Jones Street 

Thank you God I'm finally out of here. 
It's been fun? Thanx to my friends the 
Cellar Dwellar"WC" My brothersBM+ 
Well, time to start a new life, who 
knows F.T.D.S 

Jennifer DeMontigny 

8 Birch Circle 
It is good for one to appreciate that life 
is now. Whatever it offers, little or 
much, life is now-this day-this hour- 
and is probably the only experience of 
the kind one is to have. Thanks, Mom, 
Dad, Jon, Kristin, and Bram. Chris 
thank-you for making me so happy. 
Love you all always and forever. 

Sam DeVito III 

Sammy, Vito 
5 1 Hersey Street 
Welcome to my jungle-Gotta love HSP 
MB,JB,JN,RG,CS,BM-Legion Zone 
Champs98 U2Lifting,street- 
SEN-SENS, Keep all strakas Ran-Fran, 
B-Ball96-99,Thanks to Mom,Dad,Kim, 
Kris,Nick,2432,MY-Mrs.B,Mr. SW, 
JUNE, I'm out, I Guarenstamnit-DD 


Erin W. Devine 


9 Fontainbleu Drive 
"We do not remember days, we 
remember moments"-Thanx to all my 
friends for the great times:MV97 
DMB97/98 SStops PH-Deeps Core 
Wagon Girls Nights Out Snowbound 
Dance Parties-LAP April Swim Field 
Hockey/LAX Crew Burb Death trips 
WIP Full Monty Jam'n Golden Eye 1 
Luv U Mom,Dad,Kerry+Tracy GOOD 

Francesca Di Silvio 

Fran, Franny, Cesca 
222 Otis Street 
"1 have never let my schooling interfere 
with my education"-Twain public 
transport nightmare "it's all about 
expectations" lost guy and lady grouse 
chiz and other sparking pots Latin 
lovers "smells like mustard" " learning 
for learning's sake" BB KP AZ SP MK 
ASW JMS -You know you're loved 
snark swimming princesses forever 
"La piazza e mia." 

Aidan Joseph Doherty 

18 Leavitt Street 
The few things 1 remember of school 
are good, so it couldn't have all been 
bad. Thanks to Mr.Bliss,a person of 
constant inspiration on my art. To 
Brendan and Kevin, Best brothers a guy 
could have. To Tony Bob Devin,keep 
on rocky lie style. To my parents. Love 

Jason Dorsky 

7 Jones Street 
"Time will tell who has fell and who's 
been left behind when you go your wa; 
and I go mine." -Dylan 
I'd like to give a shout out to my rents 
and everyone who has helped me 
through the years. Summer 97. Ply.Riv 
Aerosmith? Rocks. SJ. Allman Bros. 9 
Bren's Basement. To all my friends, 
you know who you are, peace and 
humptiness forever. 


Kirstin Dreyfus 

53 Gushing Street 



Micheal B. Driscoll 

8 Liberty Road 
"Be true to yourself and you will never 
faH""You gotta have dreams to make it 
all worthwhilc"B-Boys. Thanks to all 
my Friends for the memories:Penguin's 
Represent. Oag's wagon, Staunton's, dug 
out, lucky cans, wompy run, 
snowboardin, Canada, Mt. Hood, ABCC, 
Zenka, 12:00 run,BP,AS18,Al Fest,E3, 
G+J,Lax,soccer,concerts,makin energy, 
thankx CF ILY.Thanx to my Family. 

Monique C. Dyment 

12 Edgar Walker Court 
"I will never be a saint no I don't want 
to live that way but 1 will always 
say, squint your eyes and look closer" 
Ani Lemon Wheel Cahoons Hollow Rat 
Pack lOO's Phatty veggie Burritos Crash 
TIGI Burb GW Wompy OP we go this 
way thanks Mom,Dad+ Vera 
this place to the rats and tiptoe back!" 

Ashley Brooke Engel 

1 70 Prospect Street 
"There is no such thing as weird peoplt 
some just require more understanding 
than others"-Tim Robbins 
at Ems,Hawk-l etc, shadow, tennis 
EM,MM,TW-Luv u guys.NC- U2.Pepi 
ad, MDJ-Thanx, Good Luck Class of 9 
"Things will happen to us, but its our 
reactions that matter" -Sally | 



Albert Engelhart 

96 Martins Lane 

Caitlin Fahey 

3 1 Stanford Drive 
"One should never be afraid to stray the 
cleared path or to walk quite alone, for 
the path of your life is all that's your 
own" Saranac Fance DM97 DC98 
Soccer+Tennis Speedstr SC Bren's 
Summer97 Zhenka97 Alfest Fril3 H+S 
LC G+JNight FullMonty Girls Night 
Out DWay Talks BL-BFF Energy MD 
ILY All my friends,you're the best 
Mom,Dad,Con thanks for everything 

Leslie Fernandes 

1142 Main Street 
I can't stop goin once I've started 
Thanks to anyone and everyone who 
has helped me get where 1 am now. It's 
fun from biking to skiing or just 
playing soccer Slurpees 1062002 
Adrianne truck Thanks to my friends 
and family This is our big chance man, 
all we got to do is show a little class, a 
little sophistication and we're in like a 
dirty shirt 

Arien Evenstar Ford 

2 1 Longmeadow Road 
Dreams last so long even after you're 
gone-Jewel NewYork'97;NoDoubt'97 
GA;E's pool-best of times!RH,GA,LH- 
you're my buds, love you guys,thanx 4 
fun, laughs&parties!MM,NK,LM,TC, 
ES,MD,RJ,ril miss ya!RH always 
remember-good times-4eva.Mom,Dad, 
Brit,grandparents-1 love you guys-thanx 
for everything. 

Thomas Ford 

Fordo, Head, Lenny 
137 Justice Gushing Way 
\ man that is defeated is one that 
ives up on himself" Football team- 
lanks for the memories My family- 
lanks for being there when I needed 

C- Bemie's Lawn Service "I call the 
jhn Deere" J.G. 

Tom French 

37 French Street 
"Life is too short so love the one ya 
got, cause you might get run over or 
you might get shot" Sublime 
Thanx everyone had a good few years. 
Paintball wars,Harbour,Bickfords, 
KFC Sundays.Chief 

Lindsey Gallant 

45 School Street 
"Don't cry because it's over, smile 
because it happened." THX Mom, Dad, 
Leo 4 being there.CS KG SH Friends 4 
eva. K P C DL 1 love you -always+ 
forever (4/1 1/98) FH-beating DY,LAX- 
semifinals, Gymnastics-Bamstable, 
Friday's, bubbles, NR-Good Luck, 
Summer 98 in Da Jeep THX everyone 
it's been fun! 

Peter Gamache 

29 Gov. Long Road 
Man that was fast! Don't ever forget the 
Good times, Canada, the island, the 
Camry,Jr.Cookout,auto shop. Thanks 
Matt, Mom, Dad I needed your help. 
Stash, Hand you guys are true 
friends.Keep in touch MW MW JC GA 
AH. Inge I'll never forget you. Kings Hat 
Lives forever! Good Bye! Never before 
have we had so little time in which to do 
so much-Franklin D. Roosevelt 


Joshua Gay 

122 Hersey Street 
"If you don't set your own goals for 
yourself you'll spend the rest of your 
life acheiving the goals of others." 
Thanx- To my Dad for driving 
everyday, To Jan for Ping Pong and 
everything else. To Katie my swinger. 
To Anna for a second home. To Tom 
for Wey. Bowl-a-Way nights. And to 
everyone- It was Great!! 

Paul Geinsheimer 

147 Main Street 
TS,MT,AH, I'll be seeing ya. 1 can't 
resist the temptation,rm going in. 
24RR-B,John Deere, Izzi. A country 
boy can survive. Hank Jr. and Hank D. 
Joey's Bronco and Black Beauty. "On 
the road again, going places that I've 
never been, seeing things that I may 
never see again, and I can't wait to get 
on the road again. "-Willie Nelson 

Caria Gigon 

105 Lazell Street 
Who knows how long this will last now 
that we've come so far, so fast, but 
somewhere back in the dust is that 
same old town in all of us / 
FULMONTY, Shania,rotary,trpr,thc 
Ya88!jf 1441. CN,S/FHWar,Hoops- 
IRE,Lax,thnx2all my friendsZ+matcs- 
WFam, CW-thnx4 always being there+ 
all the memories,4/ 17/98, NLGI43 
ThnxM,D,&C GL99 

Cara Glassanos 

8 Popes Lane ' 

"Don't bum bridges. You'll be surprise 
how many times you cross the same 
river" Good times: Full Monty, IVlatts 
2many2count,is that Marianne? Soccer 
girls 98,DlNS(a;BL's,yacht club- 
Capt.M,Bicks,DASB,Paradise City, 
+Volvo, HaggsBcach-Jrprom+more, 
Starbucks, N-end, The capehouse ever? 
"Never be ashamed of honest tears" By 

Lauren Goldenberg 

10 Tupei Drive 

Quick! Somebody call the grrl police 
and file a report -Ani Difranco 

Emily Slate Goldin 

Milly, Emi 
25 Plymouth River Road 
Congratulations, today is your day 
you're off to great places you're up and 
away. You have brains in your head 
you have feet in your shoes, you can 
steer youself any direction you choose. - 
Dr. Seuss. Luv U 

Leg,Kat, Conn, Ris, Nicole. Luv you 
+will miss you Care. I love you 
Mom,Dad,Ali+Scott, you're the best! 
Good luck to the Class of '99! 

Lisa Erin Goldstein 

Lika, Moesha 
689 Mainsail PI Naples,FL 341 10 
Every new beginning comes from some 
other beginning's end. Squeaky clean, 
pretty princess, WC'98,S. Korea, 
WDW99,ILU Girls! "Yeah,you look 
wicked tough!", "White Will Smith", 
"Uh, coke", shotgun, peeing, "...Drivers ", 
JLS, Zipper, "2 curbs in 1 night", Cabaret 
Co, Drama Club,Chorus Trips, NC,KS, 
EG,CO, I luv u! Thanks Mom and Dad, 
I love you! Good Luck Class of '99! 

Ronald Gomez Jr. I 

Ron, Gomez | 

21 1 Gushing Street a 

Nothin' much to say I guess just the 
same as all the rest-U2,AR,MB,CS,JN, 
at my house.JB's, Tim's, Aub's, Sam's, 
Allan's,dump,PRS,Glass table incident 
U2 pop Mart drinkin' P,Aerosmith, 
MB20.SDS Superbowl parties,Central, 
wompi.HHS Football #1 are you joking 
Me,FM,MC, Punch of death,If you 
really want to know, Mom, Dad, Audra. 
Laura,Jenna, 1 love you guys and thanx 


Sarah Elizabeth Gordon 


8 Ringbolt Road 

/ouldn't it be nice if we forgot our 

ubles as quickly as our blessings?" 

ay, ya know what? Uh,uh... flaming 
s of fire, a really steep hill, and a 
ity old tractor. ..thin mint 
ders...pop pop. Thank you 
3m,Dad, Christine, Jon, and all my 

Elizabeth Gormley 

42 High Street 
Keep on dreaming because when you 
stop dreaming it's time to die-Thnx 
A.E,R.O,C.M,O.M, 1 owe Uguys-Lots 
of good times:TheRocks,TheBeach, 
ParadiseCity, Great Woods-oops 
Waterfalls, Matts2many2count,JrProm, 
DancingintheRain-Rob,what would 1 do 
w/out you?Thn.x for everything! It's been 
fun. Good Luck Class of 99 Bye! :) 

Joseph Francis Griffin 

Joe, Joey, Griffin 
26 Chamberlain Run 
You only live once but if you live it up 
right once is enough. Good luck 2 
PGMTTSBKCW Thanx 2 my fam 4 
always being there 4 me. 4am fishing 
trip, JRBarbQ,Yacht Club,Rocks,da 
StateChamps'97- 1 0GR24RRB, 
EggtripsThe"BlackBeauty "Toyinota,Smoke 
Shows, NcwYears+Febvaca'98 "You 
got 2 go through hell before u get 2 
heaven"-"A Blue&WhiteBronco" 

Lauren Michelle Habeeb 

4 Sarah Way 
"Like the morning sun you come. Like 
the wind you go. Ain't no time to Hate, 
Barely time to wait. ..What 1 want to 
know is, where docs the time go?" G.D. 
YRATOR.Southie.Late-Nights. CAH.H 
& all the rest of my friends, 1 love you. 

Anthony Hagerty 

60 Bel Air Road 
ly far from timid only make moves 
ten your hearts in it and live the 
rase sky's the limit. Hockey state 
amps 97 at Fleet the Beach always 
inks Mom Dad ALLY and all family 
/e yas Jenn Sarah Pete Stash Colby 
ckie Joe Paul Markus Stripa Pete's 
igust 98 Black Beauty will ride 
'ever Thanks everybody always be 
-■re TP MW JA CG Fatty 

Margaret Hall 

Margie, Margs 
125 Central Street 
Summer days w/ the 51 cru:Sambo, 
Bren+the rest.NDAYears-CF I love you 
the most x infinity. After school w/ MO, 
nights w/ErinO. "Inexperienced Driver" 
...Kenny love. "Stick your finger in your 
eye-that's the only way you'll cry"- 
Belly "The time is gone, the song is over. 
Thought I'd something more to say."- 
Pink Floyd 

Susan Marie Hamaty 

14 Highview Drive 
Listen to hopes+fears for these are your 
dreams, fears divide us, dreams unite us. It 
is only with the heart that can see rightly 
what is essential is invisible to the eye. / 
Shania, Rotary, JBDriveBys, Neighbors, 
Tracy, are you ever going to stop. Thanx 
to my friends TW.CG,JB,BK,MM,EC, 
LH. For those who dream there is no 
such word as impossible. Thanx Mom 
and Dad. Good luck Rich! 

Sarah Elizabeth Hamel 

8 Park Circle 
"Your life is like a coin. You can spend 
it any way you wish, but can spend it 
only once." Thanks ES JM SG JD MCi 
Good Luck '99. Naz Farm Forever-I 
Love You SP & Fordham Prcp-Holy 
Week-Crick-Hopscotch-Sink, Crcw- 
Island Hopping-BU, Ski Trip '97, AFS- 
DC & Cal '98-CSD & JH. W&P. The 
Book. Thank you Mom, Dad, & Als. 1 
could not have done this without you. 1 
love you so much! 

^^=^^^^ 143 

Ryan Hand 

Rosamund Trifiro Healey 

209 Main Street 
"I AM WHAT 1 AM"-Popeye 
Thanks-The "Griswalds"-! love you!& 
Van,EJH-Teenie,IOWASP-you're the 
tough oneCB-summa(aiMIT "he's 
scary..." MrsE, BH,NV,KH,NM,CM 
crew-DW TP ES SH Track:KS, AZ 
"Shotput head. .."Chuck :) Dorchestra: 
Annap, Atl,2nd violins4eva France, 
"Don't play what's there- 
play what's not there"-M. Davis 

John Henesey 

131 Lazell Street 
"I've been waiting for the time when I 
could finally say, this has all been 
wonderful but now I'm on my way "- 
Phish Thanks to all my friends for all 
the great times! Penguins Represent 
Zenka Alfest LuckyCans dugout 
12:00Run Snowball97 Snowboarding 
Soccerlax as 18 RR abcc WompyRun 
Thanks for the memories Liz Thanks for 
all the support Mom+Dad GL D+B 

Matthew Hersey 

67 High Street 
"You must make the most of your life.j 
To do less is to fail yourself No one ' 
else is to blame for your indecision or 
mistakes. Everything comes from the 
courage of experience. You can't catcl 
sunlight by staying indoors." -N. Woo 
Thanks to Mom Dad Gretchen RB NV 
MR DP CP BW Wrestling +0C 
TeamsMr. B Mr. J Scouts No Fords 
Here Maine Hix 

Kathleen Mary Hickey 

69 East Street 
"So toss away stuff you don't need in 
the end but keep what's important and 
know who's your friend "-Phish 
Summer98 KC RJ D MM EO AE NC 
YellowMM EasterMC Phishtrips 
projects-Hood Willie Penske WinterSt 
Em'shouse TCBY supyo WDW 
HCAPS- seeds videos 26 harbor 
canobie Pfloyd Bee GLBN DMB 
Whent WAB I LUV U Mom Dad 
&Chris! LOB Goodnight 


Brendan Holleran 

2 Woodbridge Road 
"So don't you sit upon the shoreline 
and say you're satisfied choose to 
chance the rapids and dare to dance the 
tide" Thanks to all my friends for the 
good times, You guys are the best 
Summer97 Aerosmith? MG We missed 
you M+D+K+S+D Thanks for 
everything Stay cool Stay cool forever. 

Jeff Humphrey 

147 Hobart Street 

"Yesterday is but today's memory and 

tomorrow is today's dream "—PGV- 

Sno-ball Feb. 1998/ Aerosmith NYE 

97-98 / Pres. Classroom 1998 / AT- 

Thanks alot Junior yr I'll never forget 

it-MP all the way! -Thanks to all my 

friends you know who you are - Good 

Luck to the whole class in the coming 

years - Mom, Dad,SA-I could not have 

done it without you-1 love you 

Julie Ann Hunt 

Jules, Hopfrog 

5 Richard Road 
"Yesterday's over my shoulder, so I 
can't look back for too long. There's 
just too much to see waiting in front ol 
me and 1 know that I just can't go 
wrong." Remember AFS- WV, DC. + 
CA trips, musicals, spectrum, America 
Studies, skiing, and much more! 
Thanks so much to my family-I love 
you! Also to all my friends. Thanks fo 
the memories! 

John Adam Edward 

Indo, Indy, Scrano, Sano 
2 Juniper Road 
r'ou only live once so make the most of 
t To the class of 99 Good luck! Thanks 
o Mom and Dad with much love 1 will 
emember Slap 97 car accidents with 
CV,PC,MH,MC, Adventure with 
3B,KV,PC,MC,LP, NV,LH. Camp 
vith LH,HJ,JL,CW, BB,BF, Night at 
JMASS 98 Partys97 
)8 Thanks to all the people who made 
his possible I love you all especially 
VIom and Dad 

Michael loanilli 

Mike, Fire 
1 7 Accord Pond Drive 
"The meek shall inherit nothing" 
"Fight fire w/ FIRE"Thanks KB, 
RB+JC, Football+B-Ball teams and 
my other Boyz. Remember LynchMob, 
House of Pizza, PowerClub (275,300) 
PMC, HOP, DthRow, SpookyWorld, 
GmdMarquis, EBcamp, loasampler, 
G-Rod, Nantaskt, S.Korea- 
FUGEDABOUT-it, Parrot, ART-woo! 
80s Rock, 1400? Most of all, thanx 
Chrissy(5/8), Jesus, +Fam. I love you. 

Ryan Jardine 

I Loring Hill Road 
years. Wizard of Goz/Flash Gordon/ 
Big Jim/Coach K/Crowley;Tight Tees- 
sun glasses &70 yd. bombs. 
Thanks Mr. Bliss Good memories of 
clay fights-KZ AS ZM. Thanks Mr. 
Dirk kz sophomore study G period Art 
4/20/98&4/24/98-Thanks Jose C. and 
Anorac Champagne and Caular 
Forever. Aug 10-16 Vemiont B40/ 

Kristen K. Jeffrey 

15 Minuteman Road 
"1 don't know where this road is going 
to lead. All 1 know is where we've been 
and what we've been through." GAlA-1 
love you forever. Inge-Friends forever. 
Jason, Schutz, D, Ugly, Bridget, BM, 
CJ, KM. Workcamp 98 France, Goth 
Night, Endo/Snowstorm 1 98, Flashing 
Lights, 47..., Temptation, South Korea. 
Thank you Mom Dad and Jonathan-! 
love you. 

Rory Kathleen Johnson 

1 1 8 Ward Street 
"To forget a friend is sad. Not every one 
has had a friend"LP Thanx 
Hood, Ankles, BeeLastsip,Bisbys, 
Pedro, daBeach, Snap, 
Partayllcculus, Thanx Mom+Fam- Luv 
u guys...Im outie 

Brian Kane 

Kane, Stumbles, 
8 Jarvis Lane 
"Learn form yesterday, live for today, 
hope for tommorow"Thank you 
Mom+Dad,Matt,Meg,the Mellens, 
+God. Could not have done it without 
you. Thanx to my friends 
ISLAND GETAWAYS,Als fire feet, 
treefall,sorryboy,and thats the story, 
100 thou.push,pool house, 
MontreaLNDA Sr.Prom,Kdts Beach, 
Good Luck 99! 

Caroline M. Karle 

K-dog, Liney 
65 Old County Road 
"I rolled on as the sky grew dark I put 
the pedal down to make some time 
there's something good waitin' down 
this road Em pickin' up whatever's 
mine" Dirka DMB98 DPs w/LAP- 
Police Log April Swim Nauset-Sstops- 
CC 143PG CK-what2say...sis#3- 
summer98 w/CB-SW FSH "I shall miss 
these things when it all rolls by'lLY 
MDALJRP Thanks 2 my friends-It's 
been fun 

Nicole Katsilieris 

229 Ward Street 
To accomplish great things, we must not 
only act but also dream, not only plan 
but also believe-LH AF LM MD JD ES- 
Guardian angels you are Gods gift to 
me-GW97:7/4;Mo+Con: Sweet 
100;DMCRASH;Y.C. Rocks; 
DAD George and Cuk you gave me the 
world I love you Chris never forget, 
you are the owner of my heart I love 
you now and always 

^ ^^^ 145 

Patrick O'Hara Kiernan 

3 1 Leavitt Street 
"There are not great men, only ordinary 
men capable of rising to great 
challenges" to ail my friends thanks for 
the memories L&P Aifest ABCC YL 
Saranac AS18 Oag's Wagon PCPW RR 
Scerbo's basmnt BP Zhenka skids98 
IRL Skipsweek Fball34 Lax7 The time 
is now MG Thanks 00 boys Mom, Dad, 
Matt,Bren,Kath+Liz Thanks 1 love you 
guys Good luck class of '99 Rock on! 

Maggie Kirkendall 

78 Thistle Patch Way 
"You have to laugh at youself 'cause 
you'd cry your eyes out if you didn't" 
TCBYTeam SSBC-pl sleepovers LAP- 
DP H.D. G.R. DM'97 France Aifest 
H.H. P. H. Deeps Wag Saranac Captiva 
V.Tennis H+S N.C.-B.F.F Three 
Amigos Jam'n Flmnty To all my 
friends-thanks for all the memories, i 
love you guys Mom, Dad 
Molly, M.R.+Bes 1 wouldn't have been 
able to do it without you/lLY ALL! 

Kjersti Kuhnle 

12 Water Street 

Inge M. Kuipers 

in Holland is fun but 1 miss everyone a 
lot. Kris, 1 luv you. bestfriends 4-eva! 
Gaia, you 2 I love very much, BFFE! 
Thank u both! Pete thanks for an 
awesome time in my life. Stash hi 
BD,RH,AF,GA,BW,MC Track rules. 
HM,RH,PM,BS,Coaches! Mam, 
Pap,Es,E&Timo. Luv Ya, THANKS! 

Britton Branstad Lacy 

507 Main Street 
"The great thing in this world is not so 
much where we stand as in what 
direction we are moving" Thanks to my 
friends -you're the best-ILY France 
Saranac h&s DirkA fullmonty LAP-DP 
SSBC-PL Dorch.-KM DC98JN-Gs,Bl 
StL RC-72mr DM97 phouse sccr 
bball97 tennis LLN Cmed-BS 
CFdwayBFF WIP GL A&C Thanks & 
ILY Dad, Mom, Blair & Bomber Best 

Kelli Leahy 

19 Partridge Drive 
"Sometimes I wish 1 was a little kid 
again; skinned knees are easier to fix 
than broken hearts." Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Erin, Chris, Taylor. Bea-Love is 
eternal. Joe, you're my love and 
inspiration. All my love:Kris, Conor, 
Carolyne, Theresa, Melonhead Misty. 
Holly 1437, Dunky's w/ Meg. Swing, 
Drama, Green Room, Achoo, Brueg's, 
Michelle 143, Free Stuff, JN143, Fred, 

Angel Tyiesha Lima 

Tweety Limabean Daddy Long Legs 
344 Geneva Avenue 
1 would like to thank my parents for 
putting up with me and my laziness 
without u guys I wouldn't make it 
through these tuff years of High School. 
For all my peeps from the block Ana 
Debbie Angela Naria Nhala Rose. And I 
would also like to thank Paulo and 
Michelle for the help you guys gave me 
when needed. My Grandma for making 
sure I got up. 

Anthony Lopez J 


103 Westville Street I 

These 4 years have been real and I ! 

would like to thank my parents for 
pushing me through these tuff years of 
high school. Also I would like to thank 
my Lord and Savior Jesus. I give 
shoutouts to all my METCO cats on the 
bus especially my dog JH DT RJ RB 
CB OL and the new cat MT Keep your 
heads up I'm going to miss you much 
Love Ant 


Kristian Robert Lundberg 

Kris, Burger, Burgstrom 
3 Playground Road 
rejoice young man in thy youth" 

live it up to the Horsemen, Ratchet, 
nakes. Snuffy, Jenny, Katie, and the 
;st of the posse, they get all of my 
we. PJ 98, RR98, JW's Dungeon, Red 
ox. Bruins, Baseball, Football, and the 
est of all, Denise, I love you, Jeepin 
'ith DF, Stop that, MASSA, The Strip, 
ife's too short, don't wait. 

Kelly J. Lynch 

6 Hoover Road 
"A friend is a person with whom I may 
be sincere. Before him 1 may think 
aloud. "-Emerson 

I love you Mom,Dad,John. MACCKK 
Posse, ES, SH, SP. DW:The group, 
Pacey. SP: The Alpingeister, KC: The 
Relay, HSFC {& theme song), Oreo 
Madness, Friday outfit, WG, Notebook, 
Pinocchio, Cons. Comer, "You're 
money!" G per. fun. "Was 1 asleep?" 

Conor James MacDonald 

13 Thaxter Street 
-Life is only what you make of it- 
Thanks to my Mother and my Father: 
Thanks those who so much deserve it. 

Brian Maclver 

Carrie MacKay 

10 Chamberlain Run 
I could not help being struck with the 
bolishness of that institution which 
reated me as if I were mere flesh and 
jlood and bones..." 
'What happens when the intoxication 
3f success has evaporated?" 

Brian Margetts 

77 Ward Street 
When the moon is not full, the stars 
shine more brightly. Special thanks to 
every 1 who believed in me:Mom, Dad, 
MM, MRH Gotta give much luv to all 
my dogz:AR TS JM SD PB RG OM AB 
Humor is the shortest distance between 
2 people. Hockey champs 97 FR 
baseball Hall-way Gomez's house BSB 
2Pac street hockey Yacht Club Stoges 
6flags 2 1 ear ring& the memories. 

Robert Paul Masland IV 

146 Downer Avenue 
"I must be traveling on now, there are 
too many places I've got to see."- 
Freebird Lynyrd Skynyrd. The Rat Pac- 
JAEN CWH and everyone else, you 
know who you are. Limon-wheel-head 
Burb Wompy Endo+the boys HPD 
Thanx for nothing Luv Machine Grtwnt 
Paris Drama Andrew's "I go to parties 
sometimes until four its hard to leave 
when you can't fmd the door." Joe 

Melanie Mather 

32 Walnut Road NopacII 
"The universe gives you those dreams 
because you can have them. If you are 
willing to work for it, you can have 
anything you want. "-MF Go to college 
as soon as possible! Thanks to Theresa 
Kel Mitz Jen VB Jesse Chris Ryan 
Conor Elizabeth Steve and the Drama 
Club, you're the ones I wish I could 
have stayed for. 


Jessica Marie Matthews 

1 7 Harvard Drive 
"As you begin a new assignment it is 
your attitude more than anything else 
that will determine your success" H.J.B. 
Chxdvst N.end "paradise City" DASB 
Bicks Yacht Club-thorn bush pattyw 
matts 2many2count OKK FULL M. 
Waterfalls Dunkies Camps YL,WL 
Beth Coll Lizzi Cara Jill Jess Lisa- 1 
love u guys Thanx to all my friends! 
EJBSBDAEAK Mom Dad Jules and 
Frannie 1 Luv You 

Nicholas Michael McAlpine 

15 Volunteer Road 
Come and relax now, put your troubles 
down, no need to bear the weight of 
your worries Just let them all fall 
awaylTo my kind buds 
have done it w/o youlCrazed Phish 
It's a long way to Limestonel/Jamroom/ 
I'd tear this old building down! Thanx 
Ma and Pa 4 everything! Luv u Lauren. 
Enjoy theridegg 

Megan E. McCourt 

7 Merrymount Road 
"if you can fill the unforgiving minute 
with 60 seconds worth of distance 
run, Yours is the Earth and everything 
that's in it;And which is more-You'U be 
a man, my son!" FH crew- You're the 
best! GO SKI TEAM - K,L,+C-Locker 
buds - Turks + Caicos 98 - Thanks to all 
my friends-You made it a blastll love 
you Dad,Mom,Matt,Emily,+ Elizabeth 
Goodluck, Class of 1999! 

Caitlin Grace McDonald , 

Keeks | 

403 Main Street 
"Listen to the never haves, then listen 
close to me, anything can happen. 
child,-ANYTHlNG can be!" Thanks to 
my friends for making it a blast! 
FH+Lax gang-You're the best! BURB 
MV France Club Med-BS Stl DC98 
DP-LAP WIP PH-deeps So+No LLN 
lockers yakers hadio Thanks+ 1 love 
you Mom Dad Jed Ty! Have fun J+T! 
Laugh a lot! Go99 "Tomorrow's 1 

another day!" | 

Colleen McGinn 

25 Broad Cove Road 
"The beginning is scary, the end is 
usually sad, but it is what in the middle 
that should count ' Kel,Linz,and Joe 
Thanx for everything London'98 
WaterviUe MC NTS-EM LBuddies-LM 
"Let's Go!" Don't talk to mc-TW 
Surfside PH Talks SC Trip? DMB 
Concerts GreatWoods'97 Skating 
CPCP Thump Thanks Mom+Dad, 
Good luck Erin, Scott, and Suzie Luv 
you all 

Owen McKenna 

38 Rice Road 
"Be true to yourself and you will never 
fair'B-Boys LAX#3Juicecruise:TheEL 
PCPW Beasties98 Colby's house 
July4:9798"rm the chinky man!"Super 
Bowl97 TheRocks Eggraids Late night 
Lawn jobs:Oaga do it again!RIP- 
Wagon Basement- 

forget. Thank you Mom and Dad, 1 
couldn't have done it without you. 
GLColin. Its our turn, June 12 98 SC 

Todd McViney 

5 Robin Lane 
"In matters of style, swim with the 
current; in matters of principle, stand 
like a rock." Thanks to all my friends 
for the good times. ABCC Serb's 18 
Celly's SP Alfest B-Pong Mt.Hood 
BelAirBeach Canada Penguins. Thanks 
Mom and Dad, Brian & your friends, 
and my snowboard. Good luck Craig. 
See you on the slopes. Keep it real. 

John Bradford Meigs ^ 

The Pope 
3 Harvest Lane 
Never look back to the past and never 
look forward to the future, always look 
down so you don't trip. Thanks to 
everyone who laughed at me and with 
me. Drama, Boredom Enterprises, Show: 
I hope everyone had fun it's just high 



jj Chris M. Melanson 

; Dickie, Lil Loco, Siv Jr. 

167 Old Derby Street 
man once told me"Brothers are 
:, rever," It's true. Eric Mark Sean 
, ros4E My boys Toby Guy O 
;: 3b,Aiso JM AA AC CB LC LG,My 
1 )od Bud+ RR,Hcky statechamps, 
'i Boys98, 10-1 8-96 iockdown,RIP 
I ep+Wagon,Chevy+Tuffies rule, 
i RANGE EL,Eggs,ColbysHouse. 
, ilbysBBQ,lst Day96,Rocks,Wompy, 
I land,wrldsend,Dump,PEACE!GdLck 
j ian ThanxMom,Dad+Breanne Love 
j )u Guys 

Allison Ann Melia 

Al, Allic 
8 Myers Farm Road 
Thanks Mom Dad AMx6 CS KL CA 
KS JC AZ EO PM:You"re still the one. 
*Buff BclliesConservativeComer 
HinghamSFCLampwick* May the road 
rise to meet you May the wind be 
always at your back May the sun shine 
warm upon your face May the rain fall 
soft upon your fields And until we meet 
again, may God hold you in the palm of 
his hand.* Good Luck '99! 

Emily Marie Melia 

87 Hersey Street 
Every day is a new opportunity. You can 
build on yesterday's success or put its 
failures behind and start over-Bob Feller 
Ash,Mar&Kate-TP gang-1 luv u guys, 
AWKBM;SH-HGames; Thanks Mom, 
Good Luck Class of '99! 

Kyle C. Mellen 

182 North Street 
"You must accept that some days 
you're the pigeon, and some days 
you're the statue. "-Anon. Summer 
'97,Brend's house, fun times at 
Brewer. Aerosmith, the Love Machine- 
cruisin' Nantasket. Yacht Club 
Nights, playin' Die w/the Boyz. 
Paradise, Endo-PAB. The 
manimal.Mom,Dad,+Erik-Thanks for 
everything. Someday we'll look back on 
all this + plow into a parked car. 

Chris D. Meyer 

Ralph Wiggum 

4 Spring Lane 
t was tricky, but 1 think we've pulled 
off Thanx Mom,Dad,Gram and 

ou have all been a tremendous help. 1 
e my paste. BKSA Ough ho ho ho C- 
's been great fun. Good luck.Have lots 
f fun. The blue bomber.Last weekend 
f summer 98. Don't get too 
'ccited.more school on the way but with 
ly luck we'll be free someday. 

Nicolle Meyer 

27 Parkview Drive 


Elizabeth Mirable 

14 Camelot Drive 
"Sometimes you can't believe what you 
see, you have to believe what you feel." 
Gigs-YA88-1GTF! Drew-Thanks 4 all 
the laughs-lLY K,M&C:LB4E G,B,T 
&K:Hoops 95-98:CT&TG! IRE 96, 
B+J:PHF 98 LadiesiFM! JS:BB4E 
BC:YS! Sull-MD! T4E-ILY Erin&Lau- 
ILYG Thanks M,D&Lynn-ILY and 
Rich-I wish you could've stayed a little 
longer.. .ILYA. 

Melissa Monaco 


Lauren Murphy 

55 Hersey Street 
Turns out not where but who you're 
with that really inatters-DM ES LH NK 
for the good times Love you guys Nick- 
r\\ love you always. Mom 
Dad+Elizabeth- how did I get so lucky? 
1 love you 

Wompatuck Phish Shows Lemon Wheel 
DMD Bodsks little warrior great bus 
rides E's pool cahoons hollow Mikes 
basement 90 

Melissa E. Murphy 

6 Willow Circle 
"Always reach for the moon, if you miss 
you'll be among the stars." THX 4 the 
memories, BM,RJ,AF,KH,EO,JM,MM. 
JR. PROM, Crazy 4 Swayze, Roho, 
Hood, 80's, Bisby's, 6 Flags, Redrum, 
Baby, Stuff Jerry Maguire, Pedro, 
Locals, Post-its, Charlie B., Dur? 
Dominos, Paintballing, Outsiders, 
Coffee cake, water country. ESP Good 
Luck 2 BM, Thx M+D, GL 2 KT. 

Marielle Anne Murray 

24 Nutty Hill Road 
"Life isn't a matter of milestones but of 
moments."NCKCAEKHEM-Thanx for 
all the moments. WinSt Trips. 
WillyTBomb, Tiger. Pats-Em's House. 
Rocko. Hawk 1. Projects. summer 98. 
Snottub.Emspan? A- WRES. Special. 
FH-1 luv u guys-BDY,Burb Death 
Trip, Birds, KC-UR awesome. Lazy 
eye.Thanx George. Cones. Wow. Seeds. 
MAD and ND.The worms.TP Gang.K's 
house. JH Drv By. Than.x Mom and Dad 
1 luv u! 

Jessica Nermoe 

Jess ' 

4 Pilgrim Road 
"Don't wait for the ship to come in, sail 
out and meet it " Full Monty Bicks 
0KKx2 Matts House 2 many 2 count 
North End LAC-Linz BI-Black Rock- 
LM BBL-God Sis waterfalls Dunkies 
LLCoolJ Paradise City DMB Wompie 
SPA-Dinner all my friends-LAJMLW 
Luck in CG Mom, Dad, Matt I love you 
thank you Good luck in future Class of 

Mary Nolan 

6 Quincy Avenue 
Far away there in the sunshine are my 
highest aspirations. I may not reach them, 
but I can look up and see their beauty, 
believe in them, and try to follow where 
they lead. 

Jennifer Noonan 

1 1 Pleasant Street #3 
It's the end of something simple, and the 
beginning of everything else. Bob 
Marley's Dead?-MC DMB'98 lOO's 
LemonWheer98 Mo's Car accidents 
snowball (cv Pete's To Mike and Dan 
"The past, present and future it's all I've 
got, I'm giving it up to you" We go this 
way Wompy Mom & Dad Love you 
always MDSPVLMT 

Joseph Norton 

27 Bel Air Road 
"From what we get we make a 
living.however what we give makes a 
life." Whats up CS,RG,JB,TY,TF,SD, 
AR,AB.MB,TS,MC,MW,BC.Just have 
to remember Gomas.Aubs, Sammy's 
Super bowl parites,ASFL,The mafia 
mobile, Langley island camping trips. 
Colleen thanks for the good times. Its 
hard to think that its over. Thanks 
Mom, Dad and Greg 

Connacht Mary O'Doherty- 

75 Gardner Street 
"The broader you smile at your troubles 
the easier you can swallow them 
skating, Belmont, Pinecrest,BCF, "Watch 
out for the curb!",Stars,JLS:" 1,2,3,4", 
drive-by, WD W'99,peeing,texture..., 
TGIFridays,bubble-Thanx Mom&Dad 
couldn't have done it w/o you XOXO- 
Tara&Deb for your support-NC EG LG 
KS,friends 4ever-CK MK Dae Maus 
Cheryl I luv u-miss u Class of '99 


Taylor O'Neil 

14 Emerald Street 
1 can do everything through him 
hrough him who gives me strength" 
'hil 4:13 Field Hockey 98 Fermento 
ihoot Coach DY LAX sophmorc sits 
^ow Bizarre Sailing team CVS trips 
nuch love Buseh Erin Chi Conn Jacks 
nd all my friends! Good luck Kris and 
ess shad mish Aben the 3 I couldn't 
lave done it with out you and morning 
JT's together! Salt water pools 

Erin E. O'Shea 


31 Parkview Drive 
"And you know its time to go across the 
fields to a light that's in the distance"- 
U2 Good luck Class of 99! Chi,RJ,MM, 
Love you guys! 6Flags, Princess, 
saltwater pools, Mooshi, ohcrumb, 
!VlissThang,Faux,theorange.O&RO on 
the loose!Ben&Jerry's,Granoia, South 

J. Ryan Oag 

51 Volusia Road 
"Castles made of sand fall into the sea 
eventually" Thanx to Toby, O, Dick, 
Cara, A.S. P.K. B.P. C.G. J. A. M.D. 
R.B. J.H.+L.G. R.l.P. Wagon Orange 
Cruk4eva PK50 2CRR TobySummer97 
+98 Camp54 Wipflers 97+98 SnotClub, 
WorldsEnd Milby's The Ashtray, 
Junior Prom FairfieldU. The winky, 
juice Newtons4eva Thanx to my buddy 
E.M.4eva LAX#25 The real world 
starts now so peace out HHS. 

Cristhian Pedraza 

40 Tacoma Street, Hyde Park 
"Life is short live it to the fullest." 1 
want to thank my parents for helping me 
go through out high school. Also want to 
thank IP AP DP CP AL CR ER Coco 
Melissa WC PC Sammy LMC Stash 

Jacquelyn B. Perlman 

Jacqui, Shags 
('ou learn to build all your roads on 
oday because tomorrow's ground is too 
mcertain for plans WV&WA Trips eill 
lever be forgotton To my best friend 
illen thanks 4 being there NAT you will 
ilways have a special place in my heart 
riaire & Carrie we finally made it! 
iteve you are a great friend Thanks MrH 
vlrsW & MrsR for always believing in 
ne MA loveya!! 

Claire Peterson 

4 Stanford Drive 
"To dream is to pave an unwinding road 
to your future" Thanks to the sailing 
team. Band, France98, and workcamp 
for all the memories. Special thanks to 
K.L., S.G., J. P., and L.M. for the good 
times we had at MFA, Junior Prom, 
Gardening, Surprise Party and other fun 
times we shared. 1 couldn't have made it 
through these four years without you. 

Leeanne Plouffe 

225 Old Derby Street 
Thanks to Mr.S. R,Mom&Nana because 
1 would have never made it with out 
them. Well we finally made it and to the 
rest of my friends good luck. Always 
remember,life is 10% what happens to 
you and 90% of how you react to it. 
embrace life with a good positive 
attitude. Thanks to all my friends. you 
know who you are. 

Christopher Pollara 

1 1 Deerfield Road 
"United we stand, divided we fail, 
together we are what we can't be 
alone." 1 would like to thank my parents 
for all their guidance along the way, 
couldn't have done it without you. 
"Summer of 98" "DMB" KC,MC,CH, 
JN, "Magnum"MC,TF,"Coyotes",KC, 
MM,DS,RJ. Good luck to class of 99. 
"There comes a time in every man's life 
where decisions have to be made." Now 
is mine! 


Susan Martine Powers 

30 Leavitt Street 
"The journey of a thousand miles begins 
with one step'"-Lao Tzu CPCP H-Day- 
food! AGG-KC- Always remember our 
laughter 5stop sleepovers-DP-LAP 
ranJP Yakers Saranac HH Aipengeister 
CS-HSound, SonLat-"The things that 
I'd give you" KJ(sis) Nauset EW- 
Orangecream-To all my friends keep 
smiling You're the BEST! I love you 
Mom,Dad,Andy- Good Luck Class of 
99! Pura Vida! 

Tammy M. Powers 

T, Tam 
56 Blaisdell Road 
"Celebrate we will cause life is short 
but sweet for certain" DMB Thanks to 
all my friends S-BFFL H.B.-slpovr 
Glinda yvwb G-Wds TB Nwyrs96- 
LCJHP Hag-Beach 4July(aiCW Toby 
Frds(«'birth Pscrew grlb-ball Ireland 
Lost in love and dancing 10397 
D+KH+Mitch luv u Mom+Dad 
ILoveYou/thanks Marc+BCC GL work 
hard and you will succeed GL99! 

Tom Preston 

55 Pleasant Street 
Yesterdays got nothing for me-GNR 
Dream on dream until your dreams come 
true Shine on you crazy diamond biking 
skiing rowing lazy days The Jeep 
Thanks to good friends and The family 
Life is too short so love the one you got 
Hexels slurpees 1062002 All in all it was 
all just bricks in the wall 

Christopher M. Primo 

52 Rhodes Circle 
"What lies before us and what lies 
behind us are small matters compared to 
what lies within us " Football MVP 
97-98/98-99 Wrestling State Champ 98- 
99 Thanks NW,BM,JM,CN,RL, and the 
circle for always bein there especially 
you LG Dave D couldn't have done it 
without you AF 1 43 MK and OC 
MomI43 Joe and Dan We close one 
door and open our next I Luv U 

Daniel J. Primo 

Dan, Danny, Dannyboy 
52 Rhodes Circle 
"Character is what a man is in the dark." 
Thanks to my friends CA JM LG BW 
BM NW MH. Those I 4got U know who 
U are 143. Wrestling 94-99 Carlo, 
Yousset Best Grapplers Orange Crush 
Brages Kenney DaveD U hclpt me make 
it 143. Buckley U Animal. "YesYes" we 
made it. Joe&Chris ILuvU guys 
"YAAH MAN." I'm takin off 
"Groovin" "Yah Dig it"SS Framingham 
St. Nutrition is ke 

Sarah Kristen Purcell 

55 Liberty Pole Road 
"The task ahead of us is never as great as 
the power behind us." Hope & love to all 
my friends. Katie,Adrianne,Bianca, 
Fran, Mitzi, Rosamund; you're the best. 
Thanks Mom,Dad,Seth & Jess. 3rd 
lunch, "The Book", Squaw Hairy Strip, 
Mustard, summer '98! Class of '99: 
"It ain't braggin' if you can do it." Good 

Katrina L. E. Pyclik 

Katie, Katie P. 

1 5 Talbot Road 
"Something we were withholding made 
us weak until we found out it was 
ourselves"- Frost. Luck & love to all my 
friends, especially Bianca, Adrianne, 
Francesca, Mitzi, & Sarah. Freshmen 
walking skills, chizes, motebooks, and 
other sparking pots. "Smells like 
mustard ". Thanks to everyone who 
helped me get to where I am today. Love 
you Mom, Papa,& Kika. 

Nikhiel Rau 

14 Triphammer Road 
The past four years has been a great 
experience for me at HHS. We must 
embrace the past. and look ahead into the 
future. Thank you Mom and Dad for all 
your support. Every Beginning comes 
from some other beginning's end. Thanks 
for all the fun times we had Tom, Jon, and 
Chris. Keep the pedal to the metal keep 
those edges sharp. Ah yes indeed it's fun 
times. F1550 


Buseh Romania 

71 Beal Street 
Memories are treasured, more valued 
an gold. They're guarded cautiously, 
;ver to be sold." Thanx for 4 great 
;ars of Field Hockey and Lacrosse. 
ood-Luck next year, 
lanx to: J.B.,E.O.,S.H.,K.H.,T.O. 
)ecial thanx to: Mom,Dad,Mario, 
aniela and Family. 

Aubray Rowe 

Aub, Rogain 
194 Old Hobart Street 
Montreal New York Calf with Mike 
Thanks for all the good times MB RG TS 
SD AB TY CS JB JN BM, Row house 
WTF Belmore's Dump Devito's Ply- 
River Sweeny 96 U2 Popmart Mont/Fox 
Central Street Hockey 3Amt B's Games 
Thanks Dad Mom Sheila Kev Sue Liz, 
I'm ready for the shuffle Ready for the 
Deal Ready to let go of the steering 

Diana Elizabeth Santackas 

-D", Haiti 
5 Seal's Cove Road 
"Remember everything when only 
memories remain"ILY-Roho.Kel,Kate, 
SAAB.CUREl 19-forever.summer'98, 
Bowlawey, Airraid. lazyeye, Way to Go, 
Drama. PH. Sexy. 80' s.nooky-nooky. 
The only real success is to be happy. 
I'm Audi! 

Andrew N. Scerbo 

100 Thistle Patch Way 
"Good will come for those who wait" 
Lots of love to my family I owe it all to 
you.l want to thank class of '00 you 
know who you are. '98 football team lots 
of love and memories. Old school 
Penguins nothing but love. The rest of my 
boyz take it eazy.For all my ladies love 
ya all. Peace to my co-capt. Snoopy take 
care of AL. Wagon R. LP. The orange 
L.Skippy week,P.C.P.W.4th '97 

Melissa Maria Scliiavo 

24 Turkey Hill Lane 
injoy life today yesterday's gone and 
morrow may never come'To my 
irents TANYA Thanks for believing 
D CH KC! love you guys. PD NP 
ily Italian fest Wedding TM FG GG 
) street. Mrs.R Mr.D Mrs.D I made it. 
like you're always in my heart 143. To 
e rest of my family I love you 1 made 
DS, JS, JS, Keep Believing AD CH 
? NP "Wow Yah Baby" 

Tyson Schmitt 

33 Highview Drive 
Its over,the battle has been won, you 
emerge from the darkness and stand 
alone. You have won, you have found 
yourself HMB Cal Vineyard Foxrun 
Langlee Sftsurfgonow!! 24RRB Skippy 
can't resist the temptation! Midnrun 
Movin JRY Tonight were gona walk PG 
KM MT BK JG AH Thanks Mom Lore 
Barb+Oldman stay positive the love will 
come back to me.Brad.N#l 

Christina Seremetis 

10 Park Circle 
"The journey between what you once 
were, and who you are now becoming is 
where the dance of life really takes 
place" MACCKK posse:Fridays, Chain 
JD-How bout those Bears? MCNight 
My trackies- World's End, Springs-Good 
Luck! Thanks Mom Dad J+S! To all the 
friends Ive made and all the friends 1 
didnt make, I'll miss you. Good Luck. 
Up, up, and away... 

Christopher M. Shaughnessy 

Chief, Shaun 

8 Cross Street 
"Your future hasn't been written 
one's has, so make it a good onc"-EB 
Thanx to the boys-TY,JN,AB,SD.TS, 
MachS Poker(a'Frenchies SunAM-KFC 
MikcB=Spaceball Gomez'shousc Rec 
OOTI B's games Chubbs/Thanx to 
everyone-Mom,Dad,Bri,Pat,it was a lot 
of fun"Roads, where we're going we 
don't need roads"-'99 


Kathryn Troxel Shorey 

Kat, Kates 
46 Brewster Road 
"There's no use in grumbling when the 
raindrops come tumbling, remember 
you're the one who can fill the world 
with sunshine." WC'98,SKorea, 
FSnacks,...x4,Do I look tough? Uh 
Coke?! You spit on me! Thank you 
Mom, Dad, Kim, Lez,GG,GB...l 
couldn't have done it without you! I 
love you EG,LG,CO! Dont pop the 

Elizabeth Teasdale Sinclair 

44 Old County Road 
"You never know when You are making 
a memory":Crew, Drama Club, 
Workcamps, BU, Chorus, Thespian 
Society, NYC, Peddocks Island, 
Snowball96, movie fests,Freeport,the 
team!"The best and most beautiful 
things in the world cannot be seen or 
even touched. They must be felt with the 
heart" Thank you to all of my special 
friends, you know who you are! Thanks 
m&d, Sam &"B" 

Erin Singleton 

289 Rockland Street 
Rest not for life is sweeping by;Go and 
dare before you die Something mighty 
and sublime leave behind to conquer 
time-Ralph Starr 

NK JD LM MD AF-I love you guys! 
Gaboon's Cons Meg's house BB& 
Bode's DMB 9-0 GW9798 
Mom Julia Mark-Thanks, 1 couldn't 
have done it without you-I love you 
Julia-My B. Friends have fun at HHS 

Kristin E. Skrine 

105 East Street 
"Only a moment;a moment of 
strength,of romance, of glamour-of 
youth. A fiick of sunshine upon a 
strange shore,the time to remember,the 
time for a sigh and goodbye!" 
Rem;Friday's, WhiteXmas,the 
exchange, MACCKK Posse, 'the book', 
Penske, Paper Chain day,CS-What's for 
lunch? Thanx:Falmouth crew. Mom, 
Dad,N+D, HHS Track,AM,CS, CA, 
KL, HM,RH,SP,KH To alhl'll miss 
you, keep in touch. 

Eric William Smallwood 

Rick, Ricky 
32 Brewster Road 
Most look to the stars to ask about their 
lives. Only never to recieve an answer in 
the vast universe. Others look downward 
and into ponds that just reflect 
memories. While only a few look ahead, 
which 1 guess in the end is the easiest 
solution. Except if it's really dark outside 
or if something is blocking your view. 
Thanx Joe,Jo(h)n,Will,D,Chris,Friends, 

Derrick Richard Smith 

8 Autumn Circle 
"All our times have come, here but now 
they're gone." BOC Thanks Mom+Dad 
for everything. Thank you for being 
there Katie, I love you. Hey to all my 
friends Ratchet, Snuffy, Burger, Jen 
+Court Remember 311 '97 NYE '97 
BRUINS, DC+STA NYC+Rolexes Pearl 
Jam '98 Don't fear the reaper 
Harborlight Massa Lumina Truro Chili's 
Baseball Hog It's been fun. 

Elizabeth Ann Smith 

33 Park Circle 
Why study dinosaurs? "Because they're 
beautiful. Because they're interesting. 
Because they're riveting. They take your 
mind and they stop it."-Robert T. Bakker 
Paleontology Rocks! 

Lauren Elizabeth Smith | 

10 Free Street 
If we could untangle the mysteries of lift 
and unravel the energies which run 
through the world; if we could evaluate 
correctly the significance of passing 
events; if we could measure the 
struggles, dilemmas, and aspirations of 
mankind, we could find that nothing is 
bom out of time. Everything comes at its 
appointed moments. Thanks HHSDC 
and HGVS+VT 


Ariane Sparks 

6 Mark Lane 
To hold and nurture a dream is to 
ffirm all that is possible." To my 
iends- NC, CS,JN,MD,MM,BR, 
E,JH I'll miss you. To Mom. Dad, 
cry and Jared thanks for everything, 
II love you forever. Aruba'96 "The 
eimlich?" Arizona'97-WC,69- 
akland,POW-MIA. SD'99. To mom- 
P-I love you 

Peter Spears 

Cheryl Lynn St.Don 

19 Brewer Beach Road 
"The future belongs to those who 
believe in the beauty of their dreams." 
THX for everything-Mom, Dad, Gram, 
Lisa,Mike.Lovc always & forever. "As I 
approach a time of life of complete 
uncertainty, my friends are my most 
precious asset."LG,JH,SH,KC,AS,AD, 
Friday's, Ski, Beach, Rink, skating, McDs, 
Good luck Class of '99. It's been fun. 

Michael Joseph St.Don 

1 9 Brewer Beach Road 
"Do not follow where the path may 
lead. Go instead where there is no path 
and leave a trail." Love and Thanx Dad, 
Mom, Lisa, Cheryl, Gram. Sarah thanx for 
being there, I love you. Thanx HulLThe 
Village The Gut The Park SK VA BC 
KO MK JO MD NT RK BC. Marylous 
News.Playin football, Hangin around. Fri 
+Sat nights.Good luck Class of 1999. 
It's been great. 

Alexis A. St.James 

25 Squirrel Hill Lane 

1 the end, it is thinking that makes us 

ppy, it is thinking that unites us with 

I universe. ..that tells us who we are." 


Stephen Stanley Starsiak Jr. 

8 H Beal's Cove Road 
"Today is tomorrow's yesterday, make 
it count'-Bazooka Joe Hagerty Walshy 
Gamach DS Lee Stephen M. Clark 12 
Bel Air Rd. Aries STP '96 Brighams 
We Pump It Home Coming'95 Robin 
Hood the Cliffs Skippin' the Driving 
Range Dunkin' Dounuts The Islands 
Canada k2550 LTD FT. Jackson LG 

Sarah Stebbins 

1 7 Thompson Avenue 
We're not put on this earth to see 
through one another but to see one 
another through. T-BFFL To the girls 
and guys -thanks for all the good times- 
OKK Bren's house JrProm Hag's Beach 
PSCrew glinda rides FM DMB'97(MK) 
Matt's house JA-stb TB D'nc grt wds 
Midgets AH? FTHRBY LK's-TS 
Thanks Zella AA+D GL-KL BG CM 
M+B Hang in there LK! DMJDAM-ILY 

Peter Alan Sternburg 

Pete, Stemy, Sha 

6 Partridge Drive 
Excellence can only be attained if you 
care more than others think is wise, risk 
more than others think is safe, dream 
more than others think is practical, and 
expect more than others think is 
possible. Titan Night,Speedstr,?D's'.M7 
KC,DT,BH,MT,MG Good Luck 
Dave, Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad,lmissu 


James R. Sullivan 

31 High Street 
don't play leap-frog with a unicorn-anon 

Nick, Chris, Jess,Tim, Evan, Magaly 
hey guys, Swiss miss? 
goodbye colleen, sorry. 

Timothy Sweeney 

Sweeney, 8, Tim 

47 Hersey Street 
we juicen? JN,MB,AR,TY,CS,RG,JB- 
Thanx for all the TIT times-Gomezs, 
Aub"s,DeVitos,Belmores, Plymouth, The 
Dump, To the fam Kerri,Mike,Jill 
Thanx !Mom-Thanx for being there, 
Dad-everyday that passes is a day closer 
til I see you again I LUV YOU GUYS! 
Gettin outta jail I'm all set with this 
place PEACE 

Timothy Thomas 

319 North Street 
Are you suggesting that coconuts 

Mark Thorell 

2 1 Thompson Avenue 
"He who is not courageous enough to 
take risks will accomplish nothing in 
life'Muhammad Ali Thanks to all my 
friends you know who you are PG TS 
"We are walking home tonight" REC B- 
Ball Rocks Beach Workcamp AJhouse 
RedToyota Gym StealBoats. Wiffle Ball 
P-ball Thanks to my fam mom DAD Jen 
Jason peaches Toby Good Luck! 

Brant Thorvaldsen 


John Toomey 

1139 Main Street 
"It's better to have failed trying than not 
to try at all" AAU Hoops, Buick SW/ 
AFW,KH=Animal Kingdom,ALM BRO 
DMB,PG Violators, A+P 1/24+CG 
G+J=TB+VID,JG-Best/F/F BBall-MI, 
SC,AS,BH Peace out Boyz K/I/T BM, 
Luck,Mom+Dad Luv u+Thanx 

Kimberly Ann Tornberg 

376 Pleasant Street. Weymouth 

Margaret Eleanor Troyer 

17 Otis Hill Road 
"The journey between what you once 
were and who you are now becoming is 
where the dance of life truly takes 
place." "If only we'd stop trying to be 
happy we'd have a pretty good time." 
"It is better to waste one's youth than to 
do nothing with it at all." "Drama is life 
with the dull bits cut out." It's so much 
better than Milk! 


Joseph Valle 

12 Park Circle 
Lemember you are the one that controls 
our own destiny. Be yourself and keep 
assing the open windows. Thanx, 
Jana for always being there. Dad for 
Iways keeping me going. Joann fo 
eing Joann. Elin for being my ray of 
ght. Marie for being a fellow free 
pirit. Jane babe keep howling! 

Rachel Monica Vaughan 

Ray-Ray, Rach 
1202 Main Street, South Weymouth 
To achieve all that is possible we must 
attempt the impossible to be as much as 
we can be we must dream of being more 
mom weve been through it all and we're 
still here I Love u and I'd give all my 
tommorows 4 1 yesterday with u. Tim I 
love you Do u really? 1202 parties 
summa 96 Great Hill Baby jazz much 
love+thxs to mom Tim Dotty MrsR 

Marissa Ventre 

59 Cottage Street 
"The future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams"-E.R. 
1 love you Mommy Daddy and 
Markie.EM-you're the best. I'm outta 
here! Good Luck All. 

Ronald F. Vickers 

Ron. Ronny, Vickers 
1 3 Porters Cove Road 
At first I misunderstood but now I know 
the word is good spread the word and 
you'll be free Thanks Mom Dad Adam 
Ryan Andrew family friends JD SC TS 
KM Soccer Coach tree97 GMC MDC 
W's Storys pool PS bridgc98 Btrips 
Atlanta Canada Hord98 MNR97 
Tuben98 Jean98 2weeks Thanks to 
everyone for good times and good 

John James Walden 

John, Johnny 
1 1 Whiton Avenue 
t'ou find nothing but faith in nothing" 
-PeriodGym AHH Tattoos Thanks 
ich Jen Court D Kris HEHHH BWAA 
YTrip 31 1PJNYE98 The list Aveni 
VIC Chickenpox Sox Moons Prom 
Ball Steph Thanks so much i love u 
ey Mom and Dad Thanks 4 eveything 
went by really fast but it's been great 
ood Luck. 

Timothy James Waugh 

16 Fresh River Avenue 
It will miss a lot of things about H.H.S. 
What I'll miss most are the dances, 
band/Jazz band, and giving holiday 
saxophone concerts. Most importantly 
I'll miss each and every one of you 
fellow students and teachers. Just 
remember who the coolest senior is! 

Tracy Wehter 

10 Highview Drive 
"Some people come into our lives and 
quickly go. Some stay for awhile and 
leave footprints on our hearts. And we 
are never,ever the same." FieldHockey 
95-98 BurbDeathtrips CPCP Lenore 
TCBYTeamDancc Parties Willy+TB 
Em's house+Pats YoungLifeRockbridgc 
7598 Driveby Bobby/Peggy Neil+hi-5 
Neighbors-Susan, 1 promise one day I'll 
stop!ILU-Mom,Dad, Kerry, Molly, Sara 

Jan Wellford 

142 Ward Street 


Jessica Wheelwright 

73 Fort Hill Street 
She walked in smiling with high 
expeetations and left with nothing but 
reality. Wished she could grow some 
thoughts and maybe harvest one or two- 
But it's hard to bloom when you haven't 
even been planted. 

Justin Whitcomb 

55 Bonnie Brier Circle 
You have to fight for your right to party, 
last class of the millenium Best Class of 
the decade. Thanks Dad. Big Mac. DD 
ML WC RW SW Portia P. Time to make 
the Donuts. Nothing like a lebaron for no 
need of speed who killed Kenny. Glad to 
get out. Hingham High is the finest 
prison on the east coast. 

Brian White 

1 1 Rents Lane 
"I am the lizard king I can do anything"- 
I'm outta here wrestling 95-98 Good 
luck next year! football 98 pizza with 
Big Jim LangcU Reverse Donuts in the 
Blue-Bomber! The mail-truck will 
always live on! Dan, Chris, 
Marshall, Stebbins you're in here thanx 
Mom, Dad, Liz, Dave Good luck S+P 
"Remember the future is unclear but the 
end is always near" Later 

Colby R. Wilcox 

Toby, Vem, Mulie, Fruitcup 
342 East Street 
"We may rise and fall But in the end wel 
will Meet again" Hockey state champs 
OAF-D. Lax Fridays w/ftball team | 
Florida-The Orange EL-Juice Cruz ,y I 
house95-99-JuiceNewton-Hyc Thanx til 
1 8-96.Carla thanx 4 everything. your the| 
Bestl43-NLG-ACK-4-l7-98ERM- | 
Thanx M&D also Russ&Marcia!GL Lil 
Bros and Rest of famGL99 

Andrew Sterling Wilkins 


172 South Pleasant Street 
It's a magical world, Hobbes, old 
buddy. ..Let's go exploring! - C & H - 
Fran - Dancin' for LADIES! - Kel: math 
group, it's been real - Rose; the human 
metronome - You wanna play? Let's go! 
- sexpert - no pants policy - D period 
Leone-DDD-15% approval rating-Lib: 
Thanks for the laughs - ALThanks for 
keeping me in line - Thanks to my 
parents for everything. 

Good Luck Class of '99! 

Lindsey J. Williams 

Linz, LJ 
33 East Street 
"What 1 want I've not got and what I 
need is all around me"-DM Thx to my 
friends ESP.Kell,Coll,Alan,EWD,bLmK 
sPcMkBjNcG,DumpCrew/Posse, Bagel 
MV97 SSFloridaHH98 grIsngtSlpovrs 
5Stop DMB Core London PhDeeps 
MDMM WG!"So glad our paths crossed 
this time today on our way into the 
night"-DM Thx for the memories-GL99 

Michael R. Woods Jr. 

720 Downer Avenue 
Now our4yrs of fun r coming to an end it 
was good to be with all of the kids in this 
grade We all grew together but now we 
have to grow upart It was great to be here 
and I would do it again Thanks to my 
family and Friends Hockey and lax RH 
matter whatllove ya Catlyn Also pals DN 
BW BM AB TY MF Boo Chuck Peace 

Thomas Yeo 

T I 

5 Playground Road J 

For what it's worth it was worth all the | 
while. Thanks Mom Dad Jenn Matt 
Love ya Chief AVB JB TS JN SD MB 
AB RG MC KL TF KFC Crew all the 
good times Brit's House the dump 
Gomez's & Sammy's house So.\&R"s 
Games JVBB'98 Tubbs Joe98 WMXIV 
Aerosmith'97 Hartford-Banksy Denlys 
Nantasket Flowertruck-Aubra&Alan | 
Tigermart3am Central Posse4eva 


Kate Zahner 

123 Summer Street 
only live once, but if you live 
t, once is enough. Best friends 
M MMLAJNRJ. Worcester. Nurse's 
stant. Crazy Buses. 4/20. RJ24. 
( IC. I'sup. VT. Hockey, making it 
jck night. Call your friends. Who? 
;ei with ZM. I can't go I'd miss 
e and Mai too much. Love you 
n. Dad, Corey, Ben, Duke, Mai. 143 
n won't go back to before. Champa 
caviar . . . 

Adrianne Danielle Zofchak 

499 Main Street 
Veni, Vidi, Tenui jocum. Love, luck, 
and hope to all my friends esp Bianca, 
Francesca, Mitzi, Katrina, and Sarah. It 
went by too fast. Don't forget: 
Freshman walking skills, far parking lot, 
offensive green, adidas gang, ze gurly 
ballen. Chief smoothlegs, TEMPOrary, 
Syria etc. Good luck to Al M. Jon C. 
and Leslie F. 

Seniors not included: 

1 . Roger Boddie 

2. Miriam Keating 

3. Ryan Lamb 

4. Ann Salerno 

5. Richard Williamson 

Dear Mr. Vernon, 

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever 
it was that we did wrong. What we did was wrong. But we think you're crazy making 
us write an essay telling you who we think we are. What do you care? You see us as 
you want to see us, in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. You see 
us as a brain, an athlete, a basket-case, a princess, and a criminal. Correct? That's the 
way we saw each other at seven o'clock this morning. We are brainwashed . . . But what 
we found out is that each one of us is a brain, an athlete, and a basket-case, a princess, 
and a criminal. Does that answer your question? 

Sincerely yours. 

The Breakfast Club 


The Countdown Ends and Yet it Begins . . . 


Thank You . . . 

Courtney Allen: Mom, Dad and Katie: 
Thanks for always being there. Mr. Garland, 
thanks for being a friend. Thanks Christina, 
Jenny, Kelly, Kristin, Al and Chris. It's been 
fun. Good luck XC and Track. 

Jill Amonte: Thank you Mom, Dad and 
John. You put up with a lot. Thanx to Tom 
and Sarah for the support and good times. 
Couldn't have done it without you guys. 

Lisa Arnold: The biggest Thank You of all 
goes to my mother couldn't have done it w/ 
o you. Thanx Dad you're the best. Also 
thanx B, Sue, and friends. 

Kris, Derrick, Chrissy and of course. Rich. 

Gaia Catalano: Thanks Mom + Dad for all 
your love and support, you too, Drea. BM, 
BB, AH, KC, Rat. Thank you Mr. + Mrs. 
Humberd, the Jeffrey family, Ms. Nutter, 
Mrs. Gustafson, Class of '99, and anyone I 

Reed Catlin: Special Thanks to my parents. 
Jack, Ashley, Iser, the Aliens, Britton, and the 
Lacy family. Thanks to A-bomb, Kyle, Jason, 
Bob, Adam, Matt, Maggie, Anna, Dan, Ace, 
Nick, La, and the rest of the crew. 

Nicole Cavallo: Thanks Mom, Dad, Mike + 
Zack. Thank for all that you do for me + all 
that you put up with. Also to my friends — 
thanks for all the memories! 

Hilary Blowers: Thank you Ventres for all 
the early morning chats! To all my friends; 
Thank you, our memories will last a lifetime. 
Mom, Dad, Sarah and Alyssa thank you for 
all your love and support. Class of 1999, 
thanx for such a good time! 

Jackie Briggs: Thank You Mom, Dad, Gram, 
and Bipps. Good luck Jen! Thank you field 
hockey crew — I'll never forget you guys. 
And thanks to all my friends for being there; 
especially Buseh, Bonner, Nicole & E.H. 
Good Luck Class of 1999! 

Liz Caputo: To my girls: we couldn't have 
done it better — thanks for making it great. 
Thank you Pete for your patience every 
morning! Thanks Rehnquist for all the tips. 
John, "nothing left to do but smile, smile, 

Jen Carberry: Thanks for being there Mom, 
Dad, Steph, Jim, Rick. Good Luck Shawn and 
Matthew. It's been great John, Mike, Court, 

Julia Chiapetta: Thank You — Dad, Mom, 
Grandma, Grandad, Uncle Richard, Joel + 
Lindsey, Katie, Elise, KB, NF, CM, JB, PB, 
DR, MB, JB, MS, G + DP, TV, SM, Senior 
Tap Team, Ms. Nutter, F period study rocks, 

Meghan Childs: Thanks Mom and Dad for 
all your support. Good luck Patrick and 
Caitlin. Thanks to all my friends, I couldn't 
have done it without you. Special thanks to 
JC, MF, EH, LS, BC, BW and CC, I love you 

Scot Chisholm: Mom, Dad, Sean, Nana, 
Nono for all the encouragement. Thanks to 
Mr. Garland and Mr. Baisden for setting me 
straight. Also good luck to my friends and 
for the rest Merry Christmas! 

Kelle Clinton: Mom, Dad, Tyler — I love 
you. Thanks: J.B., L.C., J.H., J.B., E.S., G.C., 
and everyone else. Also thanks to George, 
Mr. Lacatell, and Mr. Higgins for everything 


they've done for me. 

Katie Cohen: Thanks to Mom and Dad for 
all their help and support, thanks to all my 
teachers (especially Mrs. Rehnquist and Ms. 
Leone) and thanks to all my friends for being 
there throughout these past 4 years. 

Kevin Coughlin: Mom, Dad, Ane, and 
Michelle for all the support. Thanks to all the 
teachers for helping along the way. Good 
luck to all my friends "Say as a Goof, right . 

Kelly Crowley: Thanks Mom + Dad for all 
of your love and support. FH + Lax crew + 
Coaches — UR the best! To my friends, 
thanks for the memories and laughs. Kev — 
you have made these four years the best! 
Good Luck '99! 

Jen DeMontigny: I would like to thank my 
Mom, Dad, Gram, Jon, and Kristin. Thank 
you Chris for being there when I needed 
you. Thanx to CS, KC, JH, AS, HC, VH, Love 
ya always. 

Erin Devine: Thank you to all my friends; 
Britt, Caitlin, Caroline, Colleen, Hilary, 
Keeks, Kelly, Kristen, Linz, Liz, Maggie and 
Susan, for all the great times and memories. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Kerry and Tracy for 
being there for rae. I will miss you all! 

Francesca Di Silvio: Thank you mom Dad, 
Laila and Renz for all your love and support. 
Thanks also to my friends and my teachers, 
especially Mazzella for letting me drive the 

Jason Dorsky: Thanks Mom, Dad, and 
Adam, for all of the help you've given me. A 
special thanks to Zeus, KM, BM, ES, CA, LI, 

Mike DriscoU: Mom, Dad, Grandma, Pat 
and Bridget for all the support and help. 
And to all my friends who were there along 
the way, good luck. And to Steven keep on 
sailing. Raymond good luck with the football 

Monique Dyment: Mom, Dad — Thanks for 
always being there! Thanks RAT! Vera — I 
wish you the best of luck @ HHS! I love you 

Ashley Engel: Thank you Mom & Dad for 
your love & support. J — for keeping me 
competitive. Thanks to my friends, you 
know who you are. F period study rocks. 
Gym doesn't. Would you rather sit at my 
lunch table or ... ? TCBY — for reminding 
me to follow my dreams. Peace out, Mr. 

Al Engelheart: Thanks — Mom, Dad, 
Snoopy, Ben, Penguins and Kane, esepcially 
Mr. Bliss, Mr. Thaxter, Mr. Crowley, Mr. 
Lacatell and Resource Rm. BOB and ludy. 

Arien Ford: Thanks R. Hand for always 
being there, you are my angel — love ya. 
Thanks friends and family for everything — 
Good luck '99! 

Lindsey Gallant: Thank you — Mom, Dad, 
Leo for being there for me. Good luck D.L., 
next year. 

Carla Gigon: Thanks FAM. The girls — for 
all the memories /laughs. Hoops /Lax team 
— it was fun, GL next year! Magic — I'll 
never forget u guys (esp. SB, HB, KS). The 
Wilcoxes, all my teachers / coaches, esp. 
Rehny. S.E.T.T. and Colby — for always 
being there. You are the best!! I'll never 
forget all the memories. 


Cara Glassanos: Thanks to mom and dad for 
your support. Thanks to the rest of the fam. 

— especially Gr. Shirley. Gr. Ray you're 
always with me. Thanks to my friends: Lizzi 

— always keep in touch, Jess, Jess, Lisa, and 
Kate. Special thanks to Ryan — You're the 
best! Laura — I love you and good luck in 
all that you do. Mrs. Leone you're the 
coolest. Sr. Trip — can't wait. 

Sarah Hamel: Mom & Dad, you have given 
me the support & encouragement to succeed. 
Als, you have kept me laughing during all of 
the stressful times. Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Als, all of my friends (especially Naz Farm 
ones), the rest of my family & all of my 
teachers. I love you all and would be lost 
without you. You are the best! 

Rosamund Healey: Thanks to all the people 
that drove by and waved as I froze my butt 
off walking to school. Really, though, thanks 
to Fran who actually did pick me up . . . 

John Henesey: Mom, Dad, Dave, Brian 
thanks for helping me through. Thanks to all 

I my friends, especially Liz. Good luck to the 
class of '99 and to Raymond, good luck with 

ihthe football team. 

Kate Hickey: Thank you to my family and 
friends. I couldn't have done it without you. 
Thanks to the "summer group", "The 
Treasures girls", and Eileen. KM you're the 
coolest. Good luck Beth and Julie. I love all 
you guys. Thanks to all my teachers and 
everyone else. 

Julie Hunt: Thanks to Mom, Brian, Philip, 
Danny, and the rest of my great family! Also 
thank you to my friends K.S., C.S., N.C, 
A.S., S.H., J.D., K.C., M.M,. M.L., and 
everyone else! You are the best! 

Mike loanilli: Thank you Family, Friends, 
teachers, and coaches. 

Kristen Jeffrey: Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Jonathan, my grandparents, the Catalanos, 
Brendan, Rat. "I'd rather laugh with the 
sinners than cry with the saints, the sinners 
are much more fun." ( — BJ) 

Rory Johnson: Thanks Mom, fam, and 
friends. Good luck SC, VB, LS, CL, you're 
the best. Thanks Clare, G, and Mr. and Mrs. 
H. Good luck Em, Ab, and Jackie. I love you 
guys. Good Luck to the Class of '99. 

Brian Kane: Thanks Mom, Dad, Matt, Meg, 
Catrina and the Mellons. Thanks to my 
friends, especially the Langley Island crew. 

Caroline Karle: Thanks to my parents, 
family, and friends for putting up with me 
and my crazy schedule . . . especially Britt 
and Keeks! Thanks to all of my teachers for 
being so understanding — Good Luck to the 
Class of 1999 and keep in touch! 

Maggie Kirkendall: Mom + Dad — Thank 
you for the love and support. To all my 
friends — I'll never forget all the good times 
we had together! We made it! 

Britton Lacy: Thanks so much for everything 
Mom, Dad, & Blair — you're the best & I 
love you! Thank you Mr. G and Mr. H — we 
made it! Big thanks to Ms. Breen, teams, 
Nermoes, PH, SS, CJ, TU, TR. Good luck KL 
& BG! All my friends — I love you & thanks 
so much for the past four years! 

Kelli Leahy: Thank you Mom, Dad, Erin, 
Chris, Taylor, Henry, and Fred. I love Joe, 
KP, TC, CM, CW, AZ, MM, MK, couldn't 
have done it without you. Thanks SL, BS, 
DS, ES, SG, JN, JB. 


Kelly Lynch: Thank you Mom, Dad & John. 
Thanks to all my pals (esp. CA, AM, CS, KS). 
Thank you to each of my teachers. Thanks to 
Leone, Rehnquist & Breen. Good luck Class 
of 1999! 

Bobby Masland: Thanx Mom, Dad, Jill, 
Mema, Deda, MC, GC, KJ, AH, TM, ES, CA, 
LI, NE, RAT, Moses Dorsky, Dagwoods, 
Prestons, Isers, "What a long strange trip its 
been — " (GD) 

Jessica Matthews: Special thanks to Mom 
and Dad for everything you've done and 
continue to do. Frannie and Jules — I love 
you. Thanks to all my friends — Jess, Lizzi, 
Cara, Lisa, and Kate, you guys are the best! 

Nick McAlpine: Thanx Ma and Pa for 
everything. Thanks to Baisden, Silva, 
Heffernan and Krawl for being the coolest. 
Thanx to Lauren and my friends, Luv ya. 
Last but not least, Td like to thank PHISH 
for their excellence. 

Caitlin McDonald: Thank you Mr. Garland 
+ Mr. Holley for all of your help with our 
class. Thanks Ms. Breen. Thanks to my 
friends, especially KB, KC, ED, CF, CK, BL, 
SP, LW! 

John Meigs: I would like to take this 
opportunity to thank the forgotten heroes of 
High School, the pens and pencils. Everyone 
can thank their parents, the teachers, and 
their friends forgetting them through these 
four years. But without friends like Bic and 
Pilot, Dixon, and Ticonderoga, I would never 
have graduated. Thanks guys, and thank you 
Pauly, I will always regret writing this. 

Allison Melia: Thank you Mom, Dad, Annie, 
Amy, Amanda, Ashley, Abby, Alex. Thanks 
and good luck to the cross-country and track 


teams. Special thanks to all the wonderful 
teachers I've had (Dirk, Mazzella, Leone, 
Silva, Breen, Rehnquist) and DW for all the 

Emily Melia: Thank you Mom, Dad, and 
Steve for everything. I love you and thanks 
to all my friends for making it a great four 

Nicolle Meyer: Grandma + Grandpa: Thank 
you for coming to all my track and X- 
country meets. Mom + Dad thank you for 
supporting me in school + in my riding. 
Love forever, Nicky. 

Lauren Murphy: Thanks Mom and Dad for 

everything, Elizabeth — good luck in the 
future. I love you guys, Nick — I love you 
always. Good luck '99! 

Marielle Murray: Thanks for everything 
Mom and Dad. Good Luck N and M. FH: 
you guys are the best. To all my friends, 
thanks — I love you! 

Jess Nermoe: Special Thanks to Mom, Dad, 
and Matt, I love you guys. Thanks for all 
your help — Mom, typing. Thanks to all my 
friends — Lisa, Jess, Cara, Lizzi, Kate, Britt, 
Blair, & Lynda — B.T. How about a little 
more dirt. Love you all. 

Jen Noonan: Thanks Mom and Dad for 
being there for me, when times were tough. I 
love you for it with all my heart. Mike and 
Dan I love you, best of luck to you both. 
Thanks to everyone who stuck by me. 

Connacht O'Doherty: Thanx Mom + Dad 
for all your love and support — you mean 
the world to me. Thanx Chessie, Tori, Nate, 
Willy, Maura, Dae, Conor, Megs — I luv you 
all. Thanx especially to my friends — Emily, 

Lika, Kathryn, Nicole (girls night); Marissa, 
Colleen, Bren (Dawson's), and Sarah S. 
(coffee chats) — luv you guys. 

Taylor O'Neil: To my friends and family for 
helping me keep my sanity for all 4 yrs. 
especially this Last one. To Kristin & Jess, 
thanks. Blaire I will miss you next year. 
Good Luck all! 

Erin O'Shea: Thank you Mom, Dad, Meryl & 
Ryan for the support, love, and guidance. 
Good Luck to my friends. Chi & Mike keep 
your promises. Thank you to Ms. Nutter & 
Ms. Mazzella, you're the best! 

Jacqui Perlman: I would like to thank CB, 
CM, CP, JV and KG. Ellen we will always be 
best friends. Cassy and Steve you're 
awesome Nat I love ya. Thanks Mom for 
never giving up. Grandma thank you for 
loving me. I know Grandpa is watching us 
in heaven. Love you! 

V Claire Peterson: I would like to thank all my 
friends, teachers and my parents. I would 
especially like to thank KL, SG, JP, and CM 
for being great friends. Also thanks to RC 
and KD for inspiring me. 

(Chris Pollara: Thanx Mom and Dad for 
everything. Thank you everyone in the 
senior class for a good time, I'm sorry it is 
over, good luck next year everyone. 

Susan Powers: Thank you Mom, Dad and 
Andy for everything. Mr. Holley, Mr. 
Garland, M. Breen we couldn't have done it 
without you. CS + KJ thanks for always 
being there. Good luck KL. To all my friends 
you're the best. Thank you for all the 

Tammy Powers: Thank you Mom, Dad, Mr. 

Rotundi, Callahans, Kings, Brian, Sarah, Liz, 
Meg, Andy, D. Brady, Jill, Colby, Kristy and 
fam, you all have been the best, I couldn't 
have done it without all of you! Eddie you're 
like a father to me! G.L. girls B-ball! What 
you want you don't have but what you need 
it all around you! DMB — Thanks for the 

Sarah Purcell: Mom, Dad, Seth & Jess; I love 
you. I wouldn't have made it w/o you. "A", 
Scott, Katie, Leslie, Nik, Jon, Tom, Bianca, 
Fran, & Rosamund; 143. Thanks for being 
there, you're the best. Good luck! 

Nik Rau: Thank you for all your support 
Mom and Dad, making this a great four 
years. Thanks Tom, Jon, Chris, Leslie, Sarah, 
and Adrianne for all the fun times we had 
together. It's a big world out there, just keep 
going. See you at the top. 

Buseh Romania: Thanks to my family and 
friends, I couldn't have done it without you. 
Thanks to all my teachers. Good Luck in the 
future Mario and Daniela. Good-luck to the 
class of '99". 

Diana Santackas: All my love: Mom, Dad, 
Jeremy. Thanx: MR, JH, BW, Lorrie and 
Michael, Mr. Swett, Mr. Jewett and all my 
buds (who know who they are). 

Andy Scerbo: Thanks to my family Mom, 
Dad, Rich, and Alex. I'd also like to thank all 
my friends, and special thanks to my coach 
for helping me out. 

Tyson Schmitt: Thank you Oldman, Mom, 
Barb, Becky, Lorelei, Farrell, J.T., Swett, 
Nevader, Fox Run Boys, All my friends. 

Christina Seremetis: Thanks Mom and Dad 
for everything you've done these past four 


years. Thanks to Susan and Jamie for always 
being there. Thanks also to the X-Country 
and Track posse, especially Court, Kel, Al 
and Kristin. I also want to thank Mr. 
Nevader and Mrs. Jewett for making the way 
a little easier. Good Luck and Thank You 
Class of 1999! 

Elizabeth Sinclair: Thanks you Mom, Dad, 
and the ''B". Good luck Sam! I love you. 
Thank you for being a good friend Mr. 
Nevader. Thanks for being there for me "the 
team", my favorite club, and my teachers. 

Kristin Skrine: Thanks Marc G., Kat M., 
Kristin L., Chip K., Will D., Jordan M., 
Meghan T., Kaitlin T., Kathryn B., Vicki K., 
Casey R., Cristy R., Abby L., Amber G., and 
even Mike T. You guys are great. Also, of 
course, thanks to the MACCKK posse. 

Eric Smallwood: Thanks Brian, Ryan, 
Meghan, Kelli, Rachel, Mags, Conor, Joe 
Harris, Mr. Higgins, Mr. Bliss, Milo, The 
Boyles, Meigs' + Harris', the walk from far. 
Coke, Boredom Enterprizes, Bond, NYC trip, 
the Fam. 

Stephen Starsiak: Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Jess and Meg. Thank you Aunty Janice for 
being there when I needed you. Thank you 
Dunkin' Donuts for making such good 
coffee. Thank you Hingham High School for 
giving me all these good experiences. 

Cheryl St. Don: Thank you for everything 
Mom, Dad, Grammy, Lisa, Mike. I LOVE 
YOU! Thanks to my closest friends, for 
always being there for me: Julie H, Sarah H, 
AS, KC, JD, JH, LD, MM, LG, etc. Love you 
all! It's been fun, keep in touch!! 

Sarah Stebbins: Thanks Mom, Dad, JDAM, 
for everything. Thanks Andy, Tammy, Jill, 

Anthony, Bren, LK, CM, LT, Connacht, and 
Em. Al — thanks for being there, I couldn't 
have done it without you. Thanks Zella. 

Margaret Troyer: Thanks for everything 
Mom, Dad + Russ - 1 love you! Thanks Mr. 
Higgins + Ms. Levy-Sisk. VL, JN, SP, MD, 
DD, CM, TC, MK, SL, JM, ES, JB, Zak: I love 
you guys! Thank you Tireman — you are 
gone but not forgotten. 

Tracy Wehter: Thank you Mom, Dad, Kerry, 
Dennis, Molly + Sara! Thanx to all of my 
friends, esp. Nicole, Ashley, Emily, Susan, 
Colleen, and Susan. You guys are the best! 
TCBY Team for the laughs and Willy for the 

Andrew S. Wilkins: Thanks to Mom, Dad, 
Jay, + Vanessa for all your love and 
support. Thanks also to my friends + 
teachers for making HHS so memorable. 

Lindsey Williams: Thank you Mom, Dad, 
M, M, W, & G! I love you. Thnx to my 
friends for all the great times. Coll, Kell, 
Alan, & Hil: you guys are the best! Thx: 
Bagel Shop 4 the laughs! Thx Mrs. Rehnquist 
& Mrs. Krall. Keep in touch & G.L. '99! 

Kate Zahner: I'd like to thank my families 
and friends for all they have helped me with. 
Especially my Dad, Mom, Corey, Ben, 
Mallory and Duke. 

Adrianne Zofchak: Thanks to Mom and Dad 

for letting me do the work for myself. 
Thanks to all those who have been here to 
support me — it hasn't been easy trying to 
be a big kid. 




V t 

|Caitlin Kristen Erin Maggie Britt Keeks Caroline 
Colleen Susan Liz Hil Linz Kelly 

Best friends are one of life's blessings, 
don't give them up without a fight. 




N. ^ 


ConorMac, Con-con, Conehead, 
Guido the Killer Pimp, ZS^ 
Khaki eyes, Big Red Shoes! 

Misty, Hey-that's my Cat's Name! 
Mike, Botany Hunt, Stefan, the 
Shopping Cart, The almighty sink 

TC, T-Ray, Reecie, Girly-Giri,| 
Qua-Z-Modo, lip gloss nazi, 
I luv JM But Not Really ^ 





ca ta 




















5 5 










































■ ^ 
















* "" 


Princess Kris, Stinky, Rugrat, 
Nametag Klepto, Gracie-Mae, 
Misppeling, "Ooh- You're Funny 

ETS, Moose, Sweetheart 
G.S. 4-eva, TeleTubbies: 




^^^H i^^ 

^^^ J 



*#-. ^ 



fu 39 eolcJa b o u t- i t 




The friendliest person and 
the best brother anybody could have. 
You closed our HHS chapter in 
great style. Thank you for the 



Rich and Alex 


Thank you for bringing 
so much joy into our lives. 
We are so proud of your 

Keep Smiling! 


Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Misty 

Mlaggie Kirkeimlail 
me places you ■will go,.. 
Imia, you 11 move mouuiains 
Love, Mom, Dad, MoUy 


The staff of the 1999 Yearbook 
would like to thank 


for all their help. 

'Best IVisfles 
CCass of 1999 

J'amiCy Hestaurants 



You Are Our Sunshine, 
You Make Us Happy! 

We Love You! 

Mom & Dad, Matthew, 
Michael and ''Zack'' 

Remember When It Was 
Ok to Dress Alike? 

Ashley & Nicole 

She achieves success who lives well. 

Laughs often, and loves much . . . 

Who leaves the world better 

Than she found it . . . 

Who always looks for 

the best in others, 

and gives them the best she has. 

For all the success youVe experienced — 
and with dreams of success yet to come 

We're so proud. 

Love You, 

Mom, Dad, and Jonathan 


Congratulations to the 

Hingham High School Class of 1999 

Good Luck Kelly Lynch 

Compliments of 

Stevenson & Lynch^ P. C. 

Attorneys at Law 

"The South Shore 's Full Service Law Firm " 

62 Derby Street, Suites 4-5 

Hingham, Massachusetts 02043-4399 

Telephone: (781) 741-5000 

Facsimile Copier: (781) 741-5050 


to-the/ cloi^ 
of 1 9 9 9 ! 




Residential & Commercial Wiring 



740-2713 • 749-4641 

Pager 546-0784 ^k 

11 Accord Pond Dr. ^^^ 

Hingham MASTER LICENSE #A7339 


'stlii^ tS/uHite^/ 



John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company, Boston, MA 021 17 
PG-AD63 10/98 



to the new 
'Shapers of the Future' 

May all your 

endeavors be fruitful 

and rewarding. 

Corson's Glasshouse 

Rlc. 5^, Queen Anne's Corner, Hingham, MA 

Good Luck Josh' 

TEL (781) 749-2108 
FAX (781) 749-8441 


SINCE 1948 



HINOHAM. MA 02043 




39 Station St. 

Hingham^ MA 

Home Delivery 

749-9819 749-5558 




Richar(d Carlow 

Managing Partner 

^Jt|e ^l}xp "Qla&^m 

"Ye Old Mill Grill" 

8 North St. 
Hingham, MA 02043 

1 (781)740-9043 






HINGHAM, MA. 02043 


JpJe coufcfn ^ I Se prouder! 

'JKom^ 'Dacf, and jKark 

To Jason Dorsky, 

Through all the years 
you have made us proud. 

We wish you much 
happiness, success and 
a bright future. 


Mom and Dad 


You \\Q\)t kept a \>vmA %r(\\\t on our faces for the past 18 \j(iQV%\ 

We loi'e you. 

Mom, Dad, mi ^\q\v 


-V -'^- 

_ ^'?'**2 


WWW ^g^ .:^:*X 1 


^"?-L^^ ,^ 



€fy^:. jp ' 



*■ ^^'9 

Dear Katie, 

Congratulations and Godspeed 
on your new adventures! 


Papa, Mama and Kika 

5 *: 

ilfHtta e^ la tna 

<iile' la oo^ttnt 

cAe^ lt€> delto^ la nua , 

ijonoraiuJaiions Ji.ei(i\ 

(StJe are so protio of uou. JKau 
all aour dreams come irue. 


JlCo/n^ '.DaOj tjrin^ ana yj/irjis 




We loue you and have the greatest respect 
for the person you have become. May all your 
future goals and dreams be fulfilled. 


Mom, Dad. Sean + Baker 


S//^s been a wiid ride! 

J^apa cG JlCama 

Emily — 

Keep blowing those 
bubbles, always. 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
Ali, + Scott 


Dear Libby, 

Thanks for all the happy memories. We have had eighteen years 
of pure joy with yon. May your next four years be filled with love, 
happiness and success. "Oh the places you'll go". We are so proud of 

Love Mom, Dad, Lynn and Peaches 



Dear Courtney, 




We're so proud of 



you. Keep making 


H / ^SHI 

footprints in the sand. 


IT' 1 


Monn, Dad & Katie 





We are so proud of you! 
All the best in love, health, 
and your future successes! 

Love always. 
Mom, Dad,Walter & Kim 

^^^^Hr I^I^A -^ '' r 


From a .sweet little girl to a beautiful young woman — 
what a journey! 

Though it has not always been easy, you have persevered 
with your own quiet detennination. We ai-e so very proud of 
you. Today is the first day of the rest of your life! 

Love, Mom & Dad 


"You have the 
choice to do 
anything in your 
hfe. Don't learn 
the hard way, 
learn from 
others' mistakes" 



Follow your dreams. 
We believe in you! 
With all our love, 
Dad and Mom 


Congratulations ^Rob!! 

It's been quite a trip! 

May the sun shine on your future and all your "darkn' stormy" days be 

a Bermuda high 
Love, Nina &: Alex 





When a person is motivated 

^^^Hk "^'"^ 

Towards a hig!i degree of 

^^B« '-^ T' 

success and achieves his objectives 

^^^K Jfy 

and the fulfillment of his hopes 
and dreams, then life is unfolding 

^M -^M 

as it should. 

^B^^ ^J^^hEH 

You're the best! 

wr ^BWHr^ 



Mom, Dad, and Mark 




When the raindrops 
come tumbling, don't 
start rumbling. 
Remember you're the 
one who can fill the 
world witb sunshine. 
Congratulations! You're 
a great sister. 

Love Kimmy + Liz 




". /: '•.., 












For I know the plans 
I have for you says the 
Lord. Plans to build a 
future and a hope. 
-Jeremiah 29:1 1 
We loved you then 
We love you now 
and love you always 

Grandma & Grandpa 

Une Cjnohsn Deparimeni cuisnes 
ine Glass of 1999 a spfencficf 




^j) Spread Your Wings! 

Stars, moo^' ^'"''''' ^l^ove, small rnirac/e, ^^^^,^ e^'''^ '^''^• 

Congratulations ^ •'^Po A 

on your achievement! ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^5—^1 

Now, all you have to do (T 
is spread your wings . . . 
and fly . . . you'll soar! 

ir ^ ^ 



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